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VERA: Open Call For Poetry, Fiction, Photography

VERA At Full of Crow PressVERA is a project of Full of Crow Press, featuring creative work by women. We are looking at a Summer launch, with readings and a print edition. For now, we will be adding content to the site. We are hoping to draw from the online content for the print projects. We have a few surprises up our sleeves for VERA, and we are excited about them. If your work fits, please get in touch. We are open and welcome diverse voices and topics. Get in touch with Elynn Alexander at vera@fullofcrow.com .

Full of Crow Presents: The Spring Murder

Full Of Crow Presents: The Spring Murder Reading

Celebrate with Full of Crow contributors in Oakland on April 22, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Oakland headquarters of Nomadic Press.
Full Of Crow Presents: The Spring Murder Reading
Full of Crow Press Presents: "The Spring Murder"
Nomadic Press is located at 2301 Telegraph Ave, Oakland. Paul Corman-Roberts hosts this series, and this event will feature the talents of: G. Macias Gusman -Nancy P. Davenport - Ruth Crossman - Richard Loranger - Barbara West - Steven Gray - Christine No - Norma Smith - Kristen Caven - Hannah Beatrix Rubin - Michael Mohr. Coffee and beverages will be served. You can find the Event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/184579718712620


SPACES at Full Of Crow Press

Full Of Crow Press is excited to add a section called [spaces] to the mix of content. It is a place for us to dig into the archives and post content that we like and perhaps give it a fresh look. We can then link to it on social media in addition to the usual links. [spaces] will include anything from anywhere, spanning all of our projects and issues since 2009.   Please follow us on Twitter, like us on facebook, all that. And look for more links to spread the word about our great contributors.   We can't offer much, so the least we can do is promote the people we care about. And we care the hell out of y'all. [spaces] gives us a place to recycle.   SPACES at Full Of Crow Press

New Winter Issues, Fiction and Poetry

Full Of Crow Poetry

We are happy to have two new issues this winter of Poetry and Fiction. Both feature great writing and we are sure that you will recognize many contributors you know and will discover new ones that you have not run across before. Please check out the FULL OF CROW WINTER 2017 FICTION ISSUE and the WINTER 2017 POETRY ISSUE.  
Full Of Crow Press
Full Of Crow Press
    The next poetry issue will be online in March. (Spring Issue) The theme is "cede". Every issue has a single word of inspiration, with absolutely no expectation that it inform the submissions. It is a gesture, a nod to the ethers. Maybe it will inspire somebody to send us a weird photo. Whatever.   We have also announced a new section called [spaces] that will be a place to repost content from our archives so they have a fresh look. We will post links on twitter, etc. to try to encourage people to revisit pieces.   And lastly, we have a femcentric side project inspired by some badass women known as "VERA". We are going to launch this section and then have some extra readings and cool shit attached to it. VERA will be poetry, prose, essays, rants, reviews, photos, art, reviews of art by women, whatever we want to do. We are looking for a few more badass women who might want to get involved in this flexible online space. www.fullofcrow.com/vera.   We are on social media of course, like everyone else. We are on facebook with our main page and poetry page, and on Twitter, Instagram, and we have links on Pinterest.   If you have any questions or want to hear more, please email Elynn (Lynn) Alexander at: elynnalexander@fullofcrow.com or get in touch through Facebook.   Fiction submissions: short-ish fiction to Paul Corman-Roberts, fiction@fullofcrow.com Optional bio. Ask him if you have questions. Poetry: 1-3 poems, simple spacing works best, bio optional but not necessary. poetry@fullofcrow.com   VERA:  vera@fullofcrow.com   Black and white photos (you know, that pretentious artsy kinda shit) work better with our sparse aesthetic which is plain bw for easier readability. It doesn't work to put rainbows and unicorns although we love them just as much as you do.   Get in touch, and thank you. Links below. Say hi.

This Week At Crow: What We’re Reading, Instagram, And Event Photos

This week at Full Of Crow, we are finishing up some upgrades and working on getting more event photos out there on the SM. And speaking of, we now have an Instagram that you can follow, with our typical artsy shit, weird photo angles, nostalgia, oddities, event flyers, and whatever else ends up there. Find us on there, twitter, facebook, all that and it will help us find and follow you. Support is the whole point, after all. Follow: Instagram Twitter (check out the icons on our sidebar) We have published hundreds of poems, stories, photographs, and we have had events all over the country for eight years. We push because we all have to push one another. Who else is going to? This is our bus to drive, baby. Take the wheel. What We Are Reading: Elynn Alexander discusses Cord Moreski's latest poetry chapbook from Indigent Press in Full Of Crow's review section. (Read Now) Cord is a poet from New Jersey, host of Poetry On Main in Asbury Park, and frequent performer. You can also find photos and event information on the Lehigh Valley Poetry Collective page on Facebook. Also on deck: Kendall A.Bell's "Trust Fall" and "Siberia", Chansonette Buck, a book project in response to the election, new issues of Fiction and Poetry, a feminist poetry reading hosted by Rag Queen, Paul Corman Roberts checks in on Crow West and bay area events, and new book launches. Plenty to keep us all busy. And zines. Did we mention zines? Cord Moreski    

New Quarterly Fiction: July 2016

The new issue of Full Of Crow Quarterly Fiction is online! Check it out here. "Dialogues".   Featuring: Jan Steckel, Fernando Meisenhalter, Rusty Barnes, H.B. Rubin, Mark Antony Rossi, Ruth Crossman, G. David Schwartz, Alina Stefanescu, Nathan Graziano, Steven Gray, J DeSalvo, Victor Clevenger, Kristen Caven. Thank you to Paul Corman-Roberts for editing another great issue, and thank you to our fiction contributors!   IMG_7027 (1)  

Full Of Crow West: A Week Of East Bay Lit

Full Of Crow curated another reading, for the fifth year, in the Oakland Beast Lit Crawl, a festival involving over thirty curating participants and over two hundred poets and performers. Crow Show West was held at Econo Jam Records in Oakland and featured an awesome line up: Steve Goldberg, Chansonette Buck, Laura Jew, Roger Porter, Nancy Davenport, and Richard Loranger. See the Crow page with full bios on the BEAST CRAWL FESTIVAL PAGE here.    Beast has a Flickr page here. We will update the blog here soon, and you can check out photos on our facebook pages as well.   Thank you to the BEAST volunteers and performers! 13690616_1087065111368063_8888735287329912833_n

Morrigan Wars: Crow East Poetry Reading

Full Of Crow Press (East Coast) hosts a new poetry series in the Lehigh Valley, kicked off in July in Allentown at the Coffee House Without Limits, hosted by Cleveland Wall and Elynn Alexander.   The Coffee House Without Limits is a relatively new space in the Alternative Gallery at the Cigar Factory. The reading series, Morrigan Wars, (info here) is an “unapologetically femcentric reading series in the Lehigh Valley” with the goal of showcasing and promoting the poetry, art, music, zines, and theater of talented local women, visitors, allies, and people who are willing to respectfully chill together."   “Goddess Morrigan represents the circle of life, the phases of woman, the “phantom queen”. Crow. Crone. Warrior. Protective and nurturing, but spiteful and capable of deep wrongs. Loving deeply, but taking no shit." Originally a play she developed in Berkeley in 2011, Lynn has had a fascination with the archetype and symbolism of the Crow and 'Crone’s Shadow'.    "Her wars, and with whom, are for your pondering.”    The first Lehigh Valley event featured local poets and music- see photos under “Photo Collections” (And in our facebook albums!)   For More Information: elynnalexander@gmail.com   Events are listed on the Full Of Crow Press Facebook Page.  13731504_1102455489829025_7930688934331361659_n13728900_1102455396495701_2387513068890735100_n cleveland and elynn13770430_1102455293162378_5940439619184270138_n13769413_1102455309829043_5514443947447338988_n13767196_1102455409829033_8853284695822059693_o13754254_1102455439829030_1778786325477503509_n13754099_1102455326495708_5621734237902943752_n13668925_1102455546495686_4335512359780531270_o