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We are happy to have two new issues this winter of Poetry and Fiction. Both feature great writing and we are sure that you will recognize many contributors you know and will discover new ones that you have not run across before. Please check out the FULL OF CROW WINTER 2017 FICTION ISSUE and the WINTER 2017 POETRY ISSUE.  
Full Of Crow Press
Full Of Crow Press
    The next poetry issue will be online in March. (Spring Issue) The theme is "cede". Every issue has a single word of inspiration, with absolutely no expectation that it inform the submissions. It is a gesture, a nod to the ethers. Maybe it will inspire somebody to send us a weird photo. Whatever.   We have also announced a new section called [spaces] that will be a place to repost content from our archives so they have a fresh look. We will post links on twitter, etc. to try to encourage people to revisit pieces.   And lastly, we have a femcentric side project inspired by some badass women known as "VERA". We are going to launch this section and then have some extra readings and cool shit attached to it. VERA will be poetry, prose, essays, rants, reviews, photos, art, reviews of art by women, whatever we want to do. We are looking for a few more badass women who might want to get involved in this flexible online space.   We are on social media of course, like everyone else. We are on facebook with our main page and poetry page, and on Twitter, Instagram, and we have links on Pinterest.   If you have any questions or want to hear more, please email Elynn (Lynn) Alexander at: or get in touch through Facebook.   Fiction submissions: short-ish fiction to Paul Corman-Roberts, Optional bio. Ask him if you have questions. Poetry: 1-3 poems, simple spacing works best, bio optional but not necessary.   VERA:   Black and white photos (you know, that pretentious artsy kinda shit) work better with our sparse aesthetic which is plain bw for easier readability. It doesn't work to put rainbows and unicorns although we love them just as much as you do.   Get in touch, and thank you. Links below. Say hi.
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