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Photo: Floor, AIR Artspace, Pittsburgh. 2010.

This is the blog of Full Of Crow Press, an independent non-profit press and literary/arts organization. We produce both web and print content, with many projects and events in the works. This blog is where we post our news and information about events, publications, readings, calls for submissions, projects, photos, and more. Please feel free to browse, get in touch, and share anything that might be of interest to others. We appreciate your links. tweets, and facebook love, and would be happy to reciprocate. We are open to working together in the small press community so if you have something in mind like a reading, event, project- get in touch.   You can reach Elynn Alexander at: elynnalexander@fullofcrow.com Back to Full Of Crow _______________________________________________________________________________


  Full Of Crow was originally founded by Elynn Alexander and Aleathia Drehmer in 2009, as an online space for poetry, fiction, interviews, art essays, book and small press news, and more. Aleathia Drehmer was the poetry editor for three issues, Mk Chavez for two. Producer and Current Poetry Editor, Elynn Alexander manages the site and has produced the chapbooks, zines, radio shows, podcasts, and other projects. She has been the head fiction editor at Red Fez and is a contributing editor for Indigent Press.  In 20110, a flash fiction supplemental section was added called MiCrow. This was edited by Michael J. Solender, who is a freelance writer for regional arts and entertainment magazines.   Full Of Crow Press produced the online and printed issues of Blink | Ink for a number of years, edited by Doug Mathewson. He still maintains it today.   Paul Corman-Roberts is the Fiction editor and events coordinator for Full Of Crow. He is also an events manager for Nomadic Press and founding organizer of the Oakland Beast Crawl, a literary event with over thirty curated poetry readings in one day.   Both Paul Corman-Roberts and Elynn Alexander have curated readings in legs of the events since its inception in 2011 and have also participated as readers and curators in lit crawls in San Francisco and Cleveland. Both have new chapbooks coming out this year from Indigent Press.   Full Of Crow has included side projects: radio, anthologies, printed and online projects, interviews, reviews, distro, book fairs and festivals, and more. Like many volunteer efforts, the editors devote time as they are able and appreciate the support and community of small press.  
Paul Corman-Roberts

Paul Corman-Roberts

Elynn Alexander, Toxic Abatement Poetry Fest. Oakland.

Elynn Alexander, Octopus Literary Salon, Oakland. Full of Crow's Toxic Abatement Poetry Fest 2015.

Paul Corman-ROberts and Elynn Alexander Beast Literary Crawl

Oakland's BEAST Literary Crawl.

elynn alexander poetry

Oakland's Beast Lit Crawl 2015