Broadsides and Chapbooks

Broadsides and Chapbooks


Full Of Crow Press has produced poetry chapbooks and broadsides intermittently since 2010. Some of our print publications are now available in digital formats and ebooks.


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MiCrobes: Tiny poetry and matchbook size books with poems and very short microfiction.

Corporeal Flux: Mini Zine of experimental texts and found words.

MUST Microzine: A collaborative pocket sized printed zine


Blink |Ink: Blink Ink used to be produced and published by Full Of Crow Press but after a few years-it has spun off- still edited by Doug Mathewson.



Last Winter’s Leaves, by Michael Solender

Burnt Palmistry, John Swain

The Lights Will Inspire You, Andrew Taylor

Plugged Poems, Aimee Delong

Nineteenth Street Station, Paul Corman Roberts

and more


See our “Bookshelf” for a more complete listing of chapbooks, zines, and other publications.


19th Street Station, Paul Corman-Roberts, poetry, chapbooks, elynn alexander, editors, full of crow, chapbooks
19th Street Station, By Paul Corman- Roberts
Blink Ink Print, elynn alexander, full of crow, flash fiction
blink | ink print #3
Blink Ink Issues for Distro
blink | ink prepped for distro, 2010
blink ink, full of crow, fiction, flash, elynn alexander, editing, doug mathewson
blink | ink, prepped for the Buffalo Small Press Fair
kristin fouquet, blink ink, photography, elynn alexander, lynn, full of crow, fiction, editors
blink ] ink #5 Cover by Kristin Fouquet
First issue of blink | ink print! Kristin Fouquet, elynn alexander, fiction, blink, print, editors, full of crow
The very first issue of blink | ink print! 2010. Cover by Kristin Fouquet.
e book, ross vassilev, full of crow, ebooks
“village idiot” Ebook by FOC Press, Ross Vassilev
prate, interviews, full of crow, books print, elynn alexander, editing, poetry, zines
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