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Stick Your Fiction In Our Mix

  Winter 2017 Update:  Please see below for the general submissions.  If you have any questions or want to hear more, please email Elynn (Lynn) Alexander at: or get in touch through Facebook.  Fiction submissions: short-ish fiction to Paul Corman-Roberts, Optional bio. Ask him if you have questions.  Poetry: 1-3 poems, simple spacing works best, bio optional but not necessary.  VERA:  Black and white photos (you know, that pretentious artsy kinda shit) work better with our sparse aesthetic which is plain bw for easier readability. It doesn't work to put rainbows and unicorns although we love them just as much as you do.    2/24/17  


    We will update this page periodically, with current calls for submissions for the different sections. Please check out the section of interest for web-based publications and projects where you will generally find submission guidelines specific to the section. Please let us know what you are submitting to when you write.  We welcome all to the table:  seasoned, emerging, shy, bold.   Rights, Payment, Playing Nice:   "We Dream Of A Bartering Society": Sadly, we don't make money and we don't pay money and even if we made money we would probably print books and ship stuff so we want to be honest about that at all times. We are a volunteer, nonprofit, passion-driven independent small press. We wouldn't turn down donations or some pennies in the can at a reading, but what goes in goes out.   "This section needs some work."  We are not particularly concerned with rights, exclusive deals, control, all of that. If you end up submitting a piece to another press later on, it would be cool to let them know or to say it was here, and to honor whatever the press wants you to do. We frown on taking things down after the fact (philosophically, not really with our faces) because we feel that we are putting work into a space and it is put out there- even after work is deleted, it is often cached. It is out there, already being shared, already available. You could share the link. Unless it is like... precious. Or maybe you were slumming and now you are a big shot and want your poem to be in The New Yorker and REALLY need us to take it down. If you think that you are going to sign some exclusive contract in the future and will need to dismantle your writing trail, maybe you should not submit. Or write new stuff. Or talk to us about it. We are very nice people and will usually try to hook you up with whatever. Unless you are an asshole. Then we are passive aggressive.   

Current Calls For Submissions


Full Of Crow Poetry: See Quarterly Poetry section for guidelines at Poetry submissions for the poetry section go to Elynn Alexander, at Details are listed in the poetry section, in tabs.    


Full Of Crow Fiction: See Fiction Quarterly section for guidelines at Fiction submissions can be in the body of an email and go to Paul Corman-Roberts. For fiction questions:   VERA :  VERA is a curated online women's section. Please inquire.  


MiCrow: Submissions are currently closed for MiCrow. SEE SECTION FOR GUIDELINES! We will try to let you know the status as soon as possible but depending on when you submit, it might be some time before it appears because of the publication schedule. If you have concerns, please inquire. We encourage writers and artists to submit flash fiction and black and white images/visual art to MiCrow, the flash fiction supplement of Full Of Crow. MiCrow is produced online twice a year, in Winter and Summer. To submit, please send your work with "MiCrow Submission" indicated to editor Michael J. Solender.  

For Photographers and Artists

At this time, we are looking for photographs to place, with credit to the artist, on our site pages. We feel that photographs add visual interest and set the tone for our publications, and we often add them to pages on our site as well as in publications, covers, etc. Cover art for chapbooks wanted, but please inquire if interested. Send inquiries and art related correspondence to:  

Other Sections and Projects:

On The Wing: Note: On hiatus, closed to submissions.Full Of Crow's opinion section. We are looking for your perspectives on diverse topics- society, politics, issues, gender, parenting, language, the arts, the environment, advocacy, reflection. Fashion For Collapse, MUST Street Zine, Pamphlet Series:  Temporarily Closed.  


Crow Reviews is the review section of Full Of Crow. We are currently looking for reviewers and a reviews editor if somebody had interest in working on this section. For inquiries: