Full of Crow Presents: The Spring Murder

Celebrate with Full of Crow contributors in Oakland on April 22, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Oakland headquarters of Nomadic Press.
Full Of Crow Presents: The Spring Murder Reading

Full of Crow Press Presents: "The Spring Murder"

Nomadic Press is located at 2301 Telegraph Ave, Oakland. Paul Corman-Roberts hosts this series, and this event will feature the talents of: G. Macias Gusman -Nancy P. Davenport - Ruth Crossman - Richard Loranger - Barbara West - Steven Gray - Christine No - Norma Smith - Kristen Caven - Hannah Beatrix Rubin - Michael Mohr. Coffee and beverages will be served. You can find the Event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/184579718712620
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Poetry at TMD Gallery, Allentown

Lehigh Valley poet Cleveland Wall and NJ poet B Deihl organized a reading last week at an awesome Allentown gallery- TMD Gallery on S 13th. This is an eclectic space with a diverse collection of art from local LV artists, in affordable price ranges.    
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“Explorations Of Identity” Poetry Reading

The Lehigh Valley Vanguard hosted a poetry reading a few weeks ago:  "Explorations of Identity",organized by Marlana Eck. The featured poets brought a mix of styles, from confessional to rants, on the questions of identity.  Lehigh Valley Vanguard is an online webzine of political and critical essays, poetry, and nonfiction based in Easton, PA. Photos from that event can be viewed here. 
Lehigh Valley Vanguard. Poetry Readings. Easton, PA. Elynn Alexander. Lynn Alexander.

Lehigh Valley Vanguard- Poetry Reading Promo

explorations of Identity, poetry, Lehigh Valley Vanguard, readings, easton, PA.

Featured Poets- Explorations of Identity Reading

Poetry easton 18042

Poetry 18042

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Spring News: Readings, Books, More

MiCrow Issue 8, "Luminous" is now online! Michael J. Solender did a great job, as usual. If you like flash fiction and photography, don't forget to check this out. (Go to MiCrow). Submissions are now closed. Thank you to all of the supporters and contributors. Microw8button Readings: Readings and events coming up, with more opportunities coming up all the time. The editors at Crow are going to have a busy 2013! Bitchez Brew in March, and monthly in Oakland. If you are in the SF bay area or plan to visit, check out the website for the Bitchez Brew Reading Series here: Bitchez Brew Review.  Look for Broken Pulpit in Cleveland in April, the Tremont Crawl, Oakland's BEAST Lit Crawl in July and Toxic Abatement followed by another reading in Sacramento.  Info will be posted here in the next few months. Introducing Crow Bookshelf: In progress- adding digital archives of projects, books, zines, and more to the bookshelf.  The goal is to eventually have an archive version of all of our printed chaps and zines since 2010. brokenpulpit
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Zygote In My Fez Reading, August 2011

Saturday, August 6 · 4:00pm - 10:00pm

Collingwood Art Center 
2413 Collingwood Blvd
Toledo, OH

RED FEZ and ZYGOTE IN MY COFFEE get together with the publishers of the TOLEDO FREE PRESS for one huge ass show. Plus the release of the first ever Red Fez print zine The Red Reader and Zygote Print Edition #8. . Featured readers include (Check back for updates): Jason "Juice" Hardung John Dorsey Michael Grover Wred Fright Zack Moll Bill Gainer Dan Smith Craig Firsdon Lynn Alexander TIM MURRAY Karl Koweski Josh Olsen Shawn Misener Brian Fugett Lester Allen Jacob Johanson Frankie Metro Christina Brooks (Rune Warrior) Steve Goldberg Anne McMillen Dan Provost Jason Ryberg
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Poetry Reading In Elyria- Streaming Live!

Poets are attempting to break the record for the longest poetry reading in Elyria, Ohio and you can watch it live on the web! You can see the live Snoetry video feed on my (Lynn's) blogspot *here*. Also information about the reading itself, if you are in the area and want to know more. I can be reached this weekend at lynnalx@gmail.com if you want to say hello. You can also watch it right on UStream. Search for John Burroughs or Snoetry Elyria (that's him, on the left) and chat us up! We will be able to see your chat messages in real time as everything is going on. I read at 10:30 p.m. EST on Saturday. We will have post-record breaking coverage of the event right here on the blog, with photos and video and more. Thank you to the warm and welcoming poets of Lorain County, OH! ~Lynn Alexander
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Yippie NYC Hosted By Big Mike and Puma Perl

Anyone who has met Puma Perl and Big Mike can probably guess that their events are far from a sleepy "wine and cheese" mixer. I had the honor of taking to the stage at their event this week at the Yippie Museum and Cafe on Bleecker in the village for poetry and performances which also included the flexible (mentally and physically) Amy Uzi, the odd (in a good way) Faux Mo, and more with some performance art, open mic, and even dance tossed in. I finally met Puma and Big Mike over the summer in Kingston at Rebecca Schumejda's reading series at Half Moon Books. After years of corresponding with Puma mostly online, it was pretty cool to see her at last, and even better to see her again in my old stomping grounds in NYC. (I went to grad school at NYU, nearby) In addition to meeting a lot of wonderful people, I was happy to see that Aimee Delong made it, cool to meet her at last. We will have a chap of her poetry in the next few weeks. So anyway, pictures can be found on various facebook pages and also here at the blog. (here) Next event will be in December, track down Puma for more info or the Yippie website in our sidebar.
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Danger Brewing

Evan Karp and Charles Kruger cover the SF lit scene, here. While reading the write up of Paul's new reading series, Bitchez Brew, it got me thinking about the idea of power, referred to in the banter as this idea of  "being dangerous". Dangerous. Me, well, I substitute the word power again and again, to me that is what being dangerous is about: it is inextricably linked to actual or perceived power. This power can be physical, circumstantial, practical. But at its core, being dangerous is about having the power to exert one's influence in a harmful way, to negative outcomes. (negative, based on leverage of said danger actualized. blah blah) Of course, that depends on who has a stake in the outcomes. What is negative to the "status quo" might be a hard-won achievement, depends where you stand. Power is a complicated bitch. I don't think Paul means "negative" when he talks about a group's coalescence, and being dangerous. I think he is referring to the way a group can coalesce into something powerful, with the ability to affect outcomes, to be a threat to things in need of threatening but to ultimately be a force of community who approaches the issue of power with candor. I mean, show me a movement ignorant of power dynamics. Is he trying to say, in being dangerous, that there needs to be more traits of a movement and less the characteristic formulary? There was something understood by the old school, no? I have argued, and will again, that power is really the matrix of  "the scene". In the end, people circle around, mating not for offspring but ultimately for The Contract, the Somebody Status. Networking happens just as much in the coffee house as on the golf course. Is that bad? Not necessarily, we needn't take a smug view on it. It is what it is though. Before we can talk about danger, and power, and indeed- a vision for a group, we have to be very clear about a few things. Whose cause is championed? And even more important- who needs to be scared? -Lynn Alexander
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Poetry Videos: Evan Karp’s Uploads

Insomnia? Check out a bunch of Evan Karp's video uploads! Youssef Alaoui, Anger Management 3 Karl Koweski, The Dr. Is In M.G. Martin, Anger Management 3 Lynn Alexander, Anger Management 3 Pam Benjamin, Anger Management 3 Lauren Becker, East Bay On The Brain
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