Morrigan Wars: Femcentric Poetry In The Lehigh Valley

Full Of Crow Press (East) hosts events of featured poetry, open mic, and merch swapping. Morrigan Wars  Hosted by Cleveland Wall and Elynn Alexander. (Lynn) "Morrigan Wars" is an "unapologetically femcentric reading series in the Lehigh Valley" with the goal of showcasing and promoting the poetry, art, music, zines, and theater of talented local women, visitors, allies, and people who are willing to respectfully chill together.   "Goddess Morrigan represents the circle of life, the phases of woman, the "phantom queen". Crow. Crone. Warrior. Protective and nurturing, but spiteful and capable of deep wrongs. Loving deeply, but taking no shit. Originally a play and broadside, Lynn has had a fascination with the archetype and symbolism of the Crow and Crone's Shadow. Her wars, and with whom, are for your pondering."    See Photos Under "Photo Collections" (And in our facebook albums)   For More Information:   Events are listed on the Full Of Crow Press Facebook Page.    13466037_1067117916696116_6560696076392305766_n