Events! Summer 2013!

More summer events! If you can get to the bay area or live nearby, please join us. And the hiatus for Poetry and Fiction ends this week with new issues in both, and the special Graffiti issue of Blink Ink coming at last at the end of July. Thank you to everyone for your support, patience, and help as Crow has been pulled through some tough times with illness, loss, and change. We are back, and finally have the space and equipment and resources needed as well as a new location. If you have had anything, correspondence or query, lost in the shuffle please get in touch and we will do our best to make it right. We also apologize for the recent account hacking, we received an overwhelming amount of spam emails from you guys and apparently you got some of your own from us! Sorry for that, and hopefully that has all been resolved. If you have any concerns about email, are wondering if we received something we should have received, please write. We will investigate. Now for the readings and events- we will be hosting and/or reading: JULY 5, 2013 Punk Hostage Press BBQ (2:00 pm) and Poetry Reading at The Baltic hosted by A Razor and Iris Berry (4:00 pm) in Richmond, California. FB Event with details, RSVP, etc.: Or just search for Punk Hostage Press, in events. JULY 6, 2013 Oakland's BEAST Crawl, a literary festival featuring dozens of readings, venues, and crowds of converging poets! for curators, readers, bios, maps, venues, details, and all things Beast. (Search for Beast Crawl, events, etc. and you will find all kinds of event pages!) Full Of Crow will be hosting once again, in Leg One, at five pm at SoleSpace, Oakland. Our reading is "Beast Crawl Presents: Full Of Crow's AUDREY'S COFFEE". To view the facebook event page with details, directions, readers, and more: You can search in events, or the Full Of Crow page, or Lynn's profile. Links everywhere. JULY 7, 2013 TOXIC ABATEMENT SF! Spoken words, contaminated world. Toxic Abatement SF will be held again at Viracocha, SF. This will be an evening of talented performers coming together in community and in support of Big Bridge's organizing of the global 100K Poets For Change, in September. Donations welcome. Please spread the word and come out in support of poetry, community, and action in ways that are meaningful to you in your own neighborhoods. 100 Thousand Poets For Change is about global solidarity, in our own towns among neighbors. It can mean what you want it to mean, and we think that is pretty cool. Come down, hear some music and poetry, throw a few bucks in the can if you have the means. Nobody turned away. That event page here on Facebook is here: JULY 8, 2013 Retreat? Recovery? Let's call this a "sojourn" on the California coast. Big Sur and Tor House, followed by poetry without microphones, amps, lights, introductions, features, papers, books, chairs. Get in touch. No event page, no link. JULY 9, 2013 Red Crow Reading. Stork Club, Oakland. Open Mic reading with features. All welcome. Hosted by Paul Corman-Roberts- hit him up with questions. JULY 10, 2013 Poetry With Legs, Sacramento. Poetry series hosted by Bill Gainer at The Shine Cafe, 1400 e street, Sacramento. 7:30 pm. Lynn Alexander and John Swain.

Spring News: Readings, Books, More

MiCrow Issue 8, "Luminous" is now online! Michael J. Solender did a great job, as usual. If you like flash fiction and photography, don't forget to check this out. (Go to MiCrow). Submissions are now closed. Thank you to all of the supporters and contributors. Microw8button Readings: Readings and events coming up, with more opportunities coming up all the time. The editors at Crow are going to have a busy 2013! Bitchez Brew in March, and monthly in Oakland. If you are in the SF bay area or plan to visit, check out the website for the Bitchez Brew Reading Series here: Bitchez Brew Review.  Look for Broken Pulpit in Cleveland in April, the Tremont Crawl, Oakland's BEAST Lit Crawl in July and Toxic Abatement followed by another reading in Sacramento.  Info will be posted here in the next few months. Introducing Crow Bookshelf: In progress- adding digital archives of projects, books, zines, and more to the bookshelf.  The goal is to eventually have an archive version of all of our printed chaps and zines since 2010. brokenpulpit

Winter, 2013 Full Of Crow Updates

Thank you for staying with us through a tough year. Sometimes that damn thing- "real life"- gets in the way of our plans, ideas, dreams, whims. And we have to reckon with reality. I want to apologize for the delays and slow progress on the pile of things to get done. Some health stuff, work stuff, life stuff, etc. have made it difficult to keep at things with the force and diligence of years past. I am adding interviews, reviews, working on the digital versions of our books for our "bookshelf" area. We have new winter issues up of great fiction and poetry. Another issue of MiCrow flash in the works, submissions are open for that. And in a few months we will have new events to share including the next Toxic Abatement, more of the wonderful Bitchez Brew series (link!) in the bay, and of course BEAST lit crawl in Oakland in July. If you made it last year, you know that it was an amazing effort with hundreds of readers, volunteers, curators, community partners and supporters. Look for that info, in July. Here are some links to check out some of these things: Full Of Crow Poetry- Winter 2013 Full Of Crow Fiction- Winter 2013 MiCrow- Open For Submissions, See site. PRATE: Full Of Crow Interviews: Recently added include Michael Grover and Leah Angstman. Crow Reviews: Many on tap, including Zarina Zabrisky, Bud Smith, and more. Please note that after the reviews "promised" the reviews section will be closed to requests. (ok, it has been but we get them anyway and despite being swamped, we feel bad and hate to say no.) Unfortunately, after three years, we are going to end the printed issues of Blink Ink. We are going to send out the final printed Graffiti issue soon. We might revisit the online format that we used to have, but we aren't sure. We will try to make right on the subscriptions but we will not be accepting new subscriptions or submissions for the print issues. Previous issues will start to appear archived in digital format this year on our "bookshelf". We appreciate the support for three years of our printed books. Edited by Doug Mathewson, these have found their way all over the world. We have had these books at book fairs, readings, events, and more. This project has a special place in our hearts here at Crow. We will let you know what happens next. Thank you and please feel free to get in touch. -Lynn Alexander

What Is A Blink?

"The Blink is just the glimpse, the snapshot versus the movie." "Blink Ink fiction is not about traditional storytelling. It isn't about a plot set in a town or a bar, with a story arc, conflicts, character development, resolutions. It isn't about a story set in a diner somewhere, it is an exchange between a customer and a waitress about bread choices for a grilled cheese." "Blink fiction can be extraordinary, important moments- but it can capture mundane things as well, stripped of context. Its the lighting of a cigarette, words shared at an intersection, the downing of a shot before returning to a dark home. We don't know where home is, or what waits there. Blinks focus on moments, alone, with the rest left to the imagination. They can be realizations, exchanges, places on the road, an extraction of a scene, the nuance of something we know to be more robust, but whose full story is told elsewhere." "The Blink is just the glimpse, the snapshot versus the movie." "The challenge is to capture something, in about fifty words, and to make those words serve an idea." We want to hear from writers who are open to this challenge, and readers that understand the value of this format. People ask us how a writer can possibly tell an entire story in so few words. Well, we imagine that people look for different things in their reading experiences. Some might ask about the point of a haiku over an epic, or flash over a novel. The point speaks to intention, as the writer chooses a form that suits their objectives- the execution of the concept within that chosen structure. Blink does not mean abbreviated or abridged, an effort to condense, or distill as much as it is a glimpse.

Blink Ink 2013!

Blink|Ink is accepting submissions for the January issue, loosely themed "graffiti" with a new look. Blink Ink features fiction "snapshots" of about fifty words. Are we expecting fully developed plots with story arcs in fifty words? No. We want a slice, a scene, think snapshot vs. a movie. Check it out at and send to Doug Mathewson. Thank you for your support!

Fiction And Poetry Online, And Pushcarts

 Full of Crow Quarterly Fiction and Poetry for October are now online: Fiction and Poetry. Thank you to our supporters and contributors! Full Of Crow Announces Pushcart Nominations: Doug Mathewson, For Blink Ink: Alexandra Isacson - Manhattan Corey Mesler - Dave and Grif and the Cat Asha Khalaladkar - The Icelander John Swain - Trampoline Salley Reno - Hotel Khadijah Dakota Taylor - The Passenger Michael Solender, For MiCrow: Our congratulations go to Linda Simoni-Wastila for her story "Cochinos" and to Len Kuntz for his story "Homebound". Both are featured in our summer edition here. Paul Corman-Roberts and Lynn Alexander for Quarterly Fiction and Poetry: "That Thing You"re Hearing" Vallie Lynn Watson (Fiction, October 2012) "Robin, With Her Eyes Closed, Running" Youssef Alaoui-Fdili (Fiction, April 2012) "Tennis Lessons" Stephanie Vernier (Fiction, April 2012) "Now And At The Hour Of Our Death" Lily Mack (January 2012) "Of The Language Expiration Speaks" Felino A. Soriano (Poetry) "Dune Lavender Clematis" John Swain (Poetry)

Fall Of Crow- 2012

What an amazing summer this has been! Much to keep up with, so every now and then we like to post some updates about what we have been up to as a "round up" of news. You can follow us on facebook, use the "networked blogs" feature, twitter, and look for photos and more on both the Crow profiles and on Lynn's pages. We have both a profile for Full Of Crow and a "page". First, the events: This summer was a busy time for events and readings, with our first Toxic Abatement event in San Francisco in July featuring both music and poetry, hosted by Paul and Lynn. Full Of Crow participated in the first Oakland lit crawl, also in July, with outstanding readers in leg two of the event. If you want to find out more about Toxic Abatement, the performers, view videos, etc. you can check out the site here.  Continue reading

Red Fez Issue #46 Has Launched, And More…

That's right, Red Fez issue number 46 has launched and I am happy to share the new events page, as well. This page will give you details about many of the upcoming summer readings, like Bread Workshop, Toxic Abatement, Oakland BEAST Lit Crawl, and ZYFEZ 2, Oakland. You can also find out more about Toxic Abatement on the Fashion For Collapse page which has reader bios. ZyFez 2 is going to be huge this year in Oakland and you can see a full list of readers at the new ZyFez page here.  ZyFez is a joint event of Red Fez Publications and Zygote In My Coffee. There will also be a ton of new releases of books that week including the ZYFEZ Toledo anthology, new chaps from Citizens For Decent Literature, a project of The Literary Underground. New MUSTs. New zines. MiCrobes, matchbook poetry. Good things. Continue reading

MiCrow Summer

MiCrow Summer, 2012. MiCrow is Full Of Crow's flash fiction supplement, published in digital e-book format, twice a year. Submissions will open in June. Editor Michael Solender's guidelines are as follows. Check out previous issues here. 
MICROW...Summer #7 Submission Period: June 1, 2012 through July 15, 2012 – target Publication date: August 15, 2012  Theme: Home  Consideration will only be given to submissions that follow very simple, but important guidelines for this special edition.   All Submissions: MUST state in less than 50 words how their submission relates to the theme of: Home.  Prose: 1000 words or less, single submission only.   Poetry: Maximum submission of 3 poems. Images: Multiple submissions allowed – preference to black & white photography, pen and ink, charcoal sketches and mixed media imagery. All submissions will receive acknowledgement within one week of submission. Final selections will be communicated in July with publication in August. If you cannot wait that long, do not submit as we are NOT interested in work submitted elsewhere or previously published. We want work specifically created for this theme. Single space, left justified, Georgia font size 12 will be grounds for favorable consideration by the editor.