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(VIEW) Morrigan Wars- Crow East (Coming) Crow West Oakland Beast Crawl (Coming) Lehigh Valley Poetry Events (VIEW)Passages On The Lake 2016 Reading Series (VIEW)The Crow Show- Oakland 2016 (VIEW) Bay Area Poetry: Book Release- Neeli Cherkovski, City Lights.  San Francisco. William Taylor Jr. Cassandra Dallett, Paul Corman- Roberts, Bill Gainer (host) and more.    


  (VIEW) Red Alice Poetry, Shine Cafe Sacramento. Featuring Paul Corman-Roberts, Elynn Alexander, Chansonette Buck, and more, hosted by Bill Gainer. (VIEW)100 Thousand Poets For Change, Easton PA Words In The Ward: Danielle Notaro, Cleveland Wall, Hosted by Elynn Alexander   (VIEW)Explorations Of Identity, Lehigh Valley Vanguard Reading: Kailey Tadesco, Deirdre Johnson, Charles Joseph, Damian Rucci, Rebeca Weber, Elynn Alexander, Basement Poetry, and more. Easton, PA.    (VIEW) Rag Queen Launch and Poetry- The Grrrlesque   (VIEW) Lehigh Valley Poetry Events Allentown Art Collective Poetry w/ Cleveland Wall and Elynn Alexander (VIEW) Studio E Spoken Word Poetry, Hosted By D. Diehl Featuring Charles Joseph, B Diehl, Damian Rucci, and more Pistachio's In Allentown, With Cleveland Wall, Danielle Notaro, Elynn Alexander, and more   (VIEW)Riverside Festival Of The Arts - Literary Stage, Hosted by Cleveland Wall. With Matt Wolf, Danielle Notaro, Cleveland Wall, Elynn Alexander, EA Kafkalas, and more.   (VIEW)Nurture Nature Center: Perspectives On The Environment Easton, PA Hosted by Matt Wolf.     (VIEW)100 Thousand Poets For Change, Easton, PA Words In The Ward Easton, PA   (VIEW) Oakland Beast Crawl: Full Of Crow "Kiss This Missile" at The Octopus Literary Salon : Jennifer Blowdryer, Bill Gainer, Steve Goldberg, Elynn Alexander, Paul Corman-Roberts, Baruch Porras Hernandez, Youssef Alauoi Liminal Poetry Series, at Farley's. Oakland.   (VIEW) Full Of Crow's Toxic Abatement III At The Octopus Literary Salon with Kwan Booth, Maisha Johnson, Allie Marini, Alicia Young, Bill Gainer, Elynn Alexander, Paul Corman-Roberts, John Panzer, Joel Landmine.   (VIEW) Nurture Nature Center, Poetry, Garden Affair Hosted By Matt Wolf.  


(VIEW)Cleveland Lit Crawl- Poetry. Center For Rock Research, Cleveland Crawl. Tremont, 100K Poets For Change Easton, PA   (VIEW)Oakland BEAST Lit Crawl, "Audrey's Coffee" Reading, Full Of Crow Curating @ SoleSpace, Oakland   (VIEW) Punk Hostage Reading At the Baltic: AD Winans, Iris Berry, A Razor, Cassandra Dallet, Andrew Thomas, Bill Gainer, John Swain, Elynn Alexander, Youssef Alauoi, and more.   (VIEW) Toxic Abatement II At Viracocha San Francisco. Benefit for 100 Thousand Poets For Change, with Michael Rothenberg, Neeli Cherkovski, Terri Carrion, Missy Church, Paul Corman-Roberts, Steven Gray, David Madgalene, Steve Goldberg, Elynn Alexander, Bill Gainer, Nicholas Karavatos, and more.    


(VIEW) Bay Area Poetry Events, Berkeley, San Francisco, Oakland. Viracocha, City Lights, Etc. Morrigan Wars, Goddess Performance Art, Paul Corman-Roberts and Elynn Alexander   (VIEW) Elynn Alexander- Feature at Bread Workshop hosted by Jeanne Lupton Oakland BEAST Lit Crawl, Red Crow Reading at Inkwell's   (VIEW) Poetry With Legs, Sacramento, Shine Cafe   (VIEW) San Francisco Litquake, San Francisco Readings Anger Management Reading- Paradiso, Oakland Surrealist Reading SF University @ Legion Of Honor   (VIEW) Full Of Crow's  Toxic Abatement, San Francisco. Viracocha.   (VIEW) Zygote In My Fez Reading at New Parish, Oakland.   (VIEW) Broken Pulpit Poetry Reading,  Cleveland, Center For Rock Research   (VIEW)Albuquerque Mothpocalypse, Zygote In My Fez @ The Box  


(VIEW)  ZyFez Festival Toledo Ohio 100K Poets for Change, Cleveland Metrical Singularity Supernova, Readings 2011 Editors Of Full Of Crow (Updated Periodically) Snoetry- Cleveland Poetry At The Rumba Cafe- Elynn Alexander @ The Poetry Forum  


(View)  (VIEW)Reading: NYC Yippie Museum And Cafe November 2010 Hosted by Puma Perl. (VIEW)Reading: Anger Management 3, Kaleidocope, San Francisco. August 2010. Hosted by HK Rainey. (VIEW)Reading: Priya, Berkeley. August 2010. (VIEW)Reading: Half Moon Books, Kingston. (VIEW)Reading: Last Rites, Baltimore. September 2010. (VIEW)Naked Bulb I and II, Oakland. Summer/Fall 2010 (VIEW)Readings And Events, Fall 2010