MiCrow Summer

MiCrow Summer, 2012. MiCrow is Full Of Crow's flash fiction supplement, published in digital e-book format, twice a year. Submissions will open in June. Editor Michael Solender's guidelines are as follows. Check out previous issues here. 
MICROW...Summer #7 Submission Period: June 1, 2012 through July 15, 2012 – target Publication date: August 15, 2012  microw@fullofcrow.com  Theme: Home  Consideration will only be given to submissions that follow very simple, but important guidelines for this special edition.   All Submissions: MUST state in less than 50 words how their submission relates to the theme of: Home.  Prose: 1000 words or less, single submission only.   Poetry: Maximum submission of 3 poems. Images: Multiple submissions allowed – preference to black & white photography, pen and ink, charcoal sketches and mixed media imagery. All submissions will receive acknowledgement within one week of submission. Final selections will be communicated in July with publication in August. If you cannot wait that long, do not submit as we are NOT interested in work submitted elsewhere or previously published. We want work specifically created for this theme. Single space, left justified, Georgia font size 12 will be grounds for favorable consideration by the editor.  
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Coming Soon: MiCrow Summer- Submissions Open

Update On MiCrow Flash, From Editor Michael J. Solender Microw is the tiny sibling of Full of Crow and looks for Flash Fiction/ Poetry works in the under 1000 word range. The theme for the Summer edition is Search. Think: seeking, pursuit, looking, investigation, hunting, rummaging and exploration. Special consideration will be provided to those works that endeavor to leave their reader as if they’d been on an adventure. I am also looking for original artwork and illustrations along the same theme. Submit your work in the body of an email only to mjsolender@fullofcrow.com with Microw – Summer submission, title and your name in the subject line. A very brief bio may be included along with a link of your choosing. Submissions will be open until 05/15/11. Submission guidelines that will endear you to the editor: Use TNR or Arial Font, size 10, single spaced. Do not indent paragraphs and do not center title or anything else - left justify. Please submit in the body on an email - no attachments. *** I NEED ILLUSTRATIONS & Photos!! - I'm looking for cool pen & ink, charcoal and crisp clear high definition photos. Whatever you've got lay it on me!
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