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Full Of Crow Press is excited to add a section called [spaces] to the mix of content. It is a place for us to dig into the archives and post content that we like and perhaps give it a fresh look. We can then link to it on social media in addition to the usual links. [spaces] will include anything from anywhere, spanning all of our projects and issues since 2009.   Please follow us on Twitter, like us on facebook, all that. And look for more links to spread the word about our great contributors.   We can't offer much, so the least we can do is promote the people we care about. And we care the hell out of y'all. [spaces] gives us a place to recycle.   SPACES at Full Of Crow Press
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New Winter Issues, Fiction and Poetry

Full Of Crow Poetry

We are happy to have two new issues this winter of Poetry and Fiction. Both feature great writing and we are sure that you will recognize many contributors you know and will discover new ones that you have not run across before. Please check out the FULL OF CROW WINTER 2017 FICTION ISSUE and the WINTER 2017 POETRY ISSUE.  
Full Of Crow Press
Full Of Crow Press
    The next poetry issue will be online in March. (Spring Issue) The theme is "cede". Every issue has a single word of inspiration, with absolutely no expectation that it inform the submissions. It is a gesture, a nod to the ethers. Maybe it will inspire somebody to send us a weird photo. Whatever.   We have also announced a new section called [spaces] that will be a place to repost content from our archives so they have a fresh look. We will post links on twitter, etc. to try to encourage people to revisit pieces.   And lastly, we have a femcentric side project inspired by some badass women known as "VERA". We are going to launch this section and then have some extra readings and cool shit attached to it. VERA will be poetry, prose, essays, rants, reviews, photos, art, reviews of art by women, whatever we want to do. We are looking for a few more badass women who might want to get involved in this flexible online space. www.fullofcrow.com/vera.   We are on social media of course, like everyone else. We are on facebook with our main page and poetry page, and on Twitter, Instagram, and we have links on Pinterest.   If you have any questions or want to hear more, please email Elynn (Lynn) Alexander at: elynnalexander@fullofcrow.com or get in touch through Facebook.   Fiction submissions: short-ish fiction to Paul Corman-Roberts, fiction@fullofcrow.com Optional bio. Ask him if you have questions. Poetry: 1-3 poems, simple spacing works best, bio optional but not necessary. poetry@fullofcrow.com   VERA:  vera@fullofcrow.com   Black and white photos (you know, that pretentious artsy kinda shit) work better with our sparse aesthetic which is plain bw for easier readability. It doesn't work to put rainbows and unicorns although we love them just as much as you do.   Get in touch, and thank you. Links below. Say hi.
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New Quarterly Fiction: July 2016

The new issue of Full Of Crow Quarterly Fiction is online! Check it out here. "Dialogues".   Featuring: Jan Steckel, Fernando Meisenhalter, Rusty Barnes, H.B. Rubin, Mark Antony Rossi, Ruth Crossman, G. David Schwartz, Alina Stefanescu, Nathan Graziano, Steven Gray, J DeSalvo, Victor Clevenger, Kristen Caven. Thank you to Paul Corman-Roberts for editing another great issue, and thank you to our fiction contributors!   IMG_7027 (1)  
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Lake Lady, Oakland

Meanwhile, on the West Coast: Lake Lady Event and project launch:        
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Indigent Press Reading @ Easton’s Quadrant Books

Another great reading in Easton, PA at the Quadrant Book shop downtown. Here at Crow, we are happy to partner up with Indigent Press and are looking forward to some upcoming readings and chapbook releases.  This was a cool afternoon of poetry in Easton from familiar faces and new visiting poets.           
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What We’re Reading: “Fireball”

What We're Reading: "Fireball" by Charles Joseph    (via Elynn Alexander's Essential Industry Blog)    I met New Jersey poet Charles Joseph a few months ago, when we read in the Lehigh Valley Vanguard’s event “Explorations Of Identity” at a new space in Easton, 719. He is a founding publisher and editor of Indigent Press, a small press based in Montclair. His chapbook “Fireball” (Or 12 Quasi-Epic Poems of Cheerful Doom and Gloom) is one of their offerings, with an initial print run of 100 limited copies. The first poem, ‘The Return of Kid Lightning”, introduces the speaker as a poet who struggles with self doubt after “years of sluggin’ it out with the blank page.” He has made a connection with a reader in Texas, who has provided encouragement, now: “the blank page better watch its ass.”
Fireball, Chapbook by Charles Joseph. Indigent Press. Via Blog Elynn Alexander. Full Of Crow Press.
"Fireball" by Charles Joseph, Indigent Press
We see the process of emerging confidence and purpose in “Fireball” as well: “So I’d rather surround myself with those/who will at least have the decency/to accept who and what I am-/and perhaps even pause for a moment/in the wake of my afterglow.” Again, convincing the reader that the doubts of the past have been sloughed, the poet is determined. Maybe he is also convincing himself, affirming and defending what he feels driven to do? The sense of being driven in “Fireball” is likely the same impulse described in “This, Creed”: I do this while my girlfriend sleeps naked. I do this when happy, sad, or indifferent. I do this, you do that, everyone does something. However, this-   this-is mine.   Again in “Finding The One True You”   Sometimes you need to return to the spark that sets your world on fire- So if you catch yourself living the lie instead of the dream, return to that song, to that book, to that whatever-it-is that makes you feel as though you’ve been zapped with a million megawatts of raw human power.   Charles Joseph’s poems in “Fireball” reflect a straightforward style, accessible language and themes:   From ‘Penn Station Postscript’   Late one night while waiting for the cattle car, I studied the faces of a hundred miserable humans. With all seats occupied by blue and white collars, I discovered a man more miserable than all of us.   The poems in “Fireball” have a connecting theme of avoiding regret, and avoiding the trap of a life lived with suppressed passion and talents. Many readers will be able to relate to that fear, and the need to find a way to push through doubt and keep that “spark” going. My favorite poem in the book is “For The Queens Of Zimbabwe”, which stands out as different in both style and tone from the rest of the collection. Charles is the author of three poetry chapbooks and “No Outlet”, a novel. Information about his work can be found at his website, www.charlesjosephlit.com. You can follow the press, upcoming readings, and view some of the YouTube readings from Indigent Press using the links on the website.  
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Crow.O: Crow Submissions Open

We are trying to spread the word that Full Of Crow is again accepting submissions of poetry and fiction for new issues in April. We have been closed for almost a year, so it will take us time to reach out and connect with the writers and readers that we had in the past. Submissions will likely be slower. During the hiatus, we kept the lights on and the doors open, but needed a break from adding issues. We appreciate the understanding.

     foc20banner So if you are new to Crow, we produce four quarterly online issues per year of poetry, and four of fiction. They generally go online in April, July, October, and January. I (Elynn Alexander) edit the poetry and Paul Corman-Roberts edits the fiction. We might add a new person for ebooks and possible person to help with reviews but we will see how things go as we get back in the groove.

The fiction section can be viewed at: Full Of Crow Fiction and poetry at Full Of Crow Poetry.   If you check out the links above, you will see a tab on "submissions".
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Winter, 2013 Full Of Crow Updates

Thank you for staying with us through a tough year. Sometimes that damn thing- "real life"- gets in the way of our plans, ideas, dreams, whims. And we have to reckon with reality. I want to apologize for the delays and slow progress on the pile of things to get done. Some health stuff, work stuff, life stuff, etc. have made it difficult to keep at things with the force and diligence of years past. I am adding interviews, reviews, working on the digital versions of our books for our "bookshelf" area. We have new winter issues up of great fiction and poetry. Another issue of MiCrow flash in the works, submissions are open for that. And in a few months we will have new events to share including the next Toxic Abatement, more of the wonderful Bitchez Brew series (link!) in the bay, and of course BEAST lit crawl in Oakland in July. If you made it last year, you know that it was an amazing effort with hundreds of readers, volunteers, curators, community partners and supporters. Look for that info, in July. Here are some links to check out some of these things: Full Of Crow Poetry- Winter 2013 Full Of Crow Fiction- Winter 2013 MiCrow- Open For Submissions, See site. PRATE: Full Of Crow Interviews: Recently added include Michael Grover and Leah Angstman. Crow Reviews: Many on tap, including Zarina Zabrisky, Bud Smith, and more. Please note that after the reviews "promised" the reviews section will be closed to requests. (ok, it has been but we get them anyway and despite being swamped, we feel bad and hate to say no.) Unfortunately, after three years, we are going to end the printed issues of Blink Ink. We are going to send out the final printed Graffiti issue soon. We might revisit the online format that we used to have, but we aren't sure. We will try to make right on the subscriptions but we will not be accepting new subscriptions or submissions for the print issues. Previous issues will start to appear archived in digital format this year on our "bookshelf". We appreciate the support for three years of our printed books. Edited by Doug Mathewson, these have found their way all over the world. We have had these books at book fairs, readings, events, and more. This project has a special place in our hearts here at Crow. We will let you know what happens next. Thank you and please feel free to get in touch. -Lynn Alexander
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Coming Soon: MiCrow Summer- Submissions Open

Update On MiCrow Flash, From Editor Michael J. Solender Microw is the tiny sibling of Full of Crow and looks for Flash Fiction/ Poetry works in the under 1000 word range. The theme for the Summer edition is Search. Think: seeking, pursuit, looking, investigation, hunting, rummaging and exploration. Special consideration will be provided to those works that endeavor to leave their reader as if they’d been on an adventure. I am also looking for original artwork and illustrations along the same theme. Submit your work in the body of an email only to mjsolender@fullofcrow.com with Microw – Summer submission, title and your name in the subject line. A very brief bio may be included along with a link of your choosing. Submissions will be open until 05/15/11. Submission guidelines that will endear you to the editor: Use TNR or Arial Font, size 10, single spaced. Do not indent paragraphs and do not center title or anything else - left justify. Please submit in the body on an email - no attachments. *** I NEED ILLUSTRATIONS & Photos!! - I'm looking for cool pen & ink, charcoal and crisp clear high definition photos. Whatever you've got lay it on me!
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Brautigan Tribute Audio Project

Info Here. Richard Brautigan was born in January, so it seems like a good time to roll out a new Brautigan project. Brautigan lived from 1935 to 1984, and was a part of the 1960's San Francisco counterculture scene. He handed out poetry on the street, performed with groups like The Diggers, he was a man described by Ferlinghetti as more in tune with trout than people... Brautigan was a damn freak in so many wonderful ways. Google him. This project will collect submitted audio bits- poetry, shorts, improvised- into a collection of audio tracks that will be archived at Full Of Crow Audio and also made available to contributors on cds that can then be copied, and so on. No selling, no payment, no complexity, just a collection of audio in tribute to Brautigan, you can share the audio any way you want. These are the specifics: -We need about 15 contributors, depending on length, to contribute their mp3 tracks by email or cd. Send to Lynn Alexander at lynnalexander@fullofcrow.com. -Please identify the email as mp3 intended for FOXFIRE. Describe it. Who you are, etc. -Please get them sent by May, 2011. -This will be presented online along with art, text, bios, etc. so you can send the text of your work or bio information if desired. -Photography, art, other items welcome. Digital. This project is open to anyone, anywhere, and if you are interested but aren't sure how to proceed- just email and we can figure out a way to get you involved. Feel free to share the info to people who might be interested.  ~Lynn
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