Coming Soon: MiCrow Summer- Submissions Open

Update On MiCrow Flash, From Editor Michael J. Solender Microw is the tiny sibling of Full of Crow and looks for Flash Fiction/ Poetry works in the under 1000 word range. The theme for the Summer edition is Search. Think: seeking, pursuit, looking, investigation, hunting, rummaging and exploration. Special consideration will be provided to those works that endeavor to leave their reader as if they’d been on an adventure. I am also looking for original artwork and illustrations along the same theme. Submit your work in the body of an email only to with Microw – Summer submission, title and your name in the subject line. A very brief bio may be included along with a link of your choosing. Submissions will be open until 05/15/11. Submission guidelines that will endear you to the editor: Use TNR or Arial Font, size 10, single spaced. Do not indent paragraphs and do not center title or anything else - left justify. Please submit in the body on an email - no attachments. *** I NEED ILLUSTRATIONS & Photos!! - I'm looking for cool pen & ink, charcoal and crisp clear high definition photos. Whatever you've got lay it on me!
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