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Full Of Crow Press is excited to add a section called [spaces] to the mix of content. It is a place for us to dig into the archives and post content that we like and perhaps give it a fresh look. We can then link to it on social media in addition to the usual links. [spaces] will include anything from anywhere, spanning all of our projects and issues since 2009.


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We can’t offer much, so the least we can do is promote the people we care about. And we care the hell out of y’all. [spaces] gives us a place to recycle.


SPACES at Full Of Crow Press

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Spring News: Readings, Books, More

MiCrow Issue 8, “Luminous” is now online! Michael J. Solender did a great job, as usual. If you like flash fiction and photography, don’t forget to check this out. (Go to MiCrow). Submissions are now closed. Thank you to all of the supporters and contributors.


Readings: Readings and events coming up, with more opportunities coming up all the time. The editors at Crow are going to have a busy 2013! Bitchez Brew in March, and monthly in Oakland. If you are in the SF bay area or plan to visit, check out the website for the Bitchez Brew Reading Series here: Bitchez Brew Review. 

Look for Broken Pulpit in Cleveland in April, the Tremont Crawl, Oakland’s BEAST Lit Crawl in July and Toxic Abatement followed by another reading in Sacramento.  Info will be posted here in the next few months.

Introducing Crow Bookshelf: In progress- adding digital archives of projects, books, zines, and more to the bookshelf.  The goal is to eventually have an archive version of all of our printed chaps and zines since 2010.


Please support our poets, writers, artists, and projects by spreading the word.

Winter, 2013 Full Of Crow Updates

Thank you for staying with us through a tough year. Sometimes that damn thing- “real life”- gets in the way of our plans, ideas, dreams, whims. And we have to reckon with reality. I want to apologize for the delays and slow progress on the pile of things to get done. Some health stuff, work stuff, life stuff, etc. have made it difficult to keep at things with the force and diligence of years past. I am adding interviews, reviews, working on the digital versions of our books for our “bookshelf” area. We have new winter issues up of great fiction and poetry. Another issue of MiCrow flash in the works, submissions are open for that. And in a few months we will have new events to share including the next Toxic Abatement, more of the wonderful Bitchez Brew series (link!) in the bay, and of course BEAST lit crawl in Oakland in July. If you made it last year, you know that it was an amazing effort with hundreds of readers, volunteers, curators, community partners and supporters. Look for that info, in July.
Here are some links to check out some of these things:
Full Of Crow Poetry– Winter 2013
Full Of Crow Fiction– Winter 2013
MiCrow- Open For Submissions, See site.
PRATE: Full Of Crow Interviews: Recently added include Michael Grover and Leah Angstman.
Crow Reviews: Many on tap, including Zarina Zabrisky, Bud Smith, and more. Please note that after the reviews “promised” the reviews section will be closed to requests. (ok, it has been but we get them anyway and despite being swamped, we feel bad and hate to say no.)
Unfortunately, after three years, we are going to end the printed issues of Blink Ink. We are going to send out the final printed Graffiti issue soon. We might revisit the online format that we used to have, but we aren’t sure. We will try to make right on the subscriptions but we will not be accepting new subscriptions or submissions for the print issues. Previous issues will start to appear archived in digital format this year on our “bookshelf”.
We appreciate the support for three years of our printed books. Edited by Doug Mathewson, these have found their way all over the world. We have had these books at book fairs, readings, events, and more. This project has a special place in our hearts here at Crow. We will let you know what happens next.
Thank you and please feel free to get in touch. -Lynn Alexander

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Fiction And Poetry Online, And Pushcarts

 Full of Crow Quarterly Fiction and Poetry for October are now online: Fiction and Poetry.
Thank you to our supporters and contributors!

Full Of Crow Announces Pushcart Nominations:

Doug Mathewson, For Blink Ink:

Alexandra Isacson – Manhattan
Corey Mesler – Dave and Grif and the Cat
Asha Khalaladkar – The Icelander
John Swain – Trampoline
Salley Reno – Hotel Khadijah
Dakota Taylor – The Passenger

Michael Solender, For MiCrow:
Our congratulations go to Linda Simoni-Wastila for her story “Cochinos” and to Len Kuntz for his story “Homebound”. Both are featured in our summer edition here.

Paul Corman-Roberts and Lynn Alexander for Quarterly Fiction and Poetry:
“That Thing You”re Hearing” Vallie Lynn Watson (Fiction, October 2012)
“Robin, With Her Eyes Closed, Running” Youssef Alaoui-Fdili (Fiction, April 2012)
“Tennis Lessons” Stephanie Vernier (Fiction, April 2012)
“Now And At The Hour Of Our Death” Lily Mack (January 2012)

“Of The Language Expiration Speaks” Felino A. Soriano (Poetry)
“Dune Lavender Clematis” John Swain (Poetry)

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Coming Soon: MiCrow Summer- Submissions Open

Update On MiCrow Flash, From Editor Michael J. Solender

Microw is the tiny sibling of Full of Crow and looks for Flash Fiction/ Poetry works in the under 1000 word range. The theme for the Summer edition is Search. Think: seeking, pursuit, looking, investigation, hunting, rummaging and exploration. Special consideration will be provided to those works that endeavor to leave their reader as if they’d been on an adventure. I am also looking for original artwork and illustrations along the same theme.

Submit your work in the body of an email only to mjsolender@fullofcrow.com with Microw – Summer submission, title and your name in the subject line. A very brief bio may be included along with a link of your choosing. Submissions will be open until 05/15/11.

Submission guidelines that will endear you to the editor:

Use TNR or Arial Font, size 10, single spaced. Do not indent paragraphs and do not center title or anything else – left justify. Please submit in the body on an email – no attachments.


I NEED ILLUSTRATIONS & Photos!! – I’m looking for cool pen & ink, charcoal and crisp clear high definition photos. Whatever you’ve got lay it on me!

Please support our poets, writers, artists, and projects by spreading the word.