Interview With Poet John Swain

John Swain is the author of several poetry books, including through FOC Press, and his latest from erbacce is available now. You can read an interview at PRATE, the interview section, here. where John responds candidly about his work and relationship to poetry. Check out the interview then follow the links there to check out some of his work.

Andrew Bowen Interviewed At PRATE

For those of you who don’t know about PRATE, it is the interview section at Full Of Crow, and we post interviews with all kinds of people- writers, publishers, comic book artists, and more. This week Lynn Alexander interviews Andrew Bowen, editor of Divine Dirt Quarterly and a familiar name in small press. He is currently working on Project Conversion- documenting his experience with “spiritual promiscuity”. Bowen will try to walk the walk and talk the talk of twelve major religions, over the course of this year. Why? Find out. Here.