Zines and Distro

Zines and Distro   Full Of Crow's Elynn Alexander is almost thirty years into her book and zine making. When Full Of Crow began in 2010, the website became a place to distribute and trade zines and books. Over the years, some zines have come and gone. Some had a few issues, some continued for a few years. The zines have been in various sizes and often in collaboration with other art and literary entities, such as the Outsider Writers Collective's "10,000 Monkeys" zine, and MUST zine which was a collaborative project based in an online poetry community called The Sphere. Other printed projects have come along such as Corporeal Flux- experimental and found text.The zines have been in addition to the digital publications, printed chapbooks, broadsides, and other kinds of books.   corporealflux corpflux180 bookshelfslider21 bookshelfslider51