Christopher Luna: Collage, Full of Crow Galleries

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Christopher Luna: Collage, in Full of Crow Galleries. “Revved -Up Revisionists”

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Revved-Up Revisionists

Revved-Up Revisionists

Christopher Luna is one of the featured artists for 2009 in the Full of Crow Galleries, a virtual showcase for artists of diverse backgrounds working with mixed media and formats: mail art, collage, digital art, photography, vispo, graphic art.

Luna’s art shares elements with his poetry: pop culture icons, the juxtaposition of text and celebrities and symbols and at times- some pretty unlikely combinations that intrigue and perplex.

A follower of his art and poetry would recognize immediately that he returns in these pieces, as always, to the role of observer and recorder, witness and messenger through positioning and context. Consider Spacious Interior: Two figures are facing the couple, observing them. Two faces, perhaps perceiving the couple in different ways. They are different faces, in scale and presentation. They both face the couple- what are they saying about space, about relationships, about intimacy and the ways people can be close, yet maintain boundaries in their spaces? The larger face looks down, looming with glasses, almost to evoke the silent observer of The Great Gatsby in the Wasteland scenery, who serves as an omniscient-type critic.(Continued)

A person who might be experiencing Luna’s work for the very first time might see some of the images as random, but a familiarity with both his writing and art would leave no doubt that first impressions can be deceptive. His is a record of deliberation and attentiveness to details, and one learns over time: sincerity of intent. He is genuine, he is committed, he will not toss “things out there”. He constructs his “recontextualizations” with care. Labors of love.

The more time you spend with images like Stop and The Power of Sacrifice, the more it becomes obvious that he has both the ability to interject commentary about serious themes with some of his characteristic levity, humor that borders on absurdist. In the same piece, I have been both disturbed and amused. It is that quality to evoke a range of responses that makes me a true fan of Luna’s work, an admiration that has endured for over a decade. He’s the real deal.

View the collection at Full of Crow Galleries

Go to Christopher Luna’s Contributor profile page at Full of Crow with bio, links, exhibition information, and poetry.

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