"Grease Stains, Kismet, and Maternal Wisdom", Mel Bosworth

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Grease Stains, Kismet, and Maternal Wisdom : A Novel By Mel Bosworth. Reviewed by Lynn Alexander. Published at Prick of The Spindle, Vol. 3.2.

“They quickly learned that we were the King and Queen of the bar. They were our servants. They worked for us. We were Gods. Our ears and noses were red and our lips wet. We were drunks. We were in love.”

Mel Bosworth is a sweet romantic bastard, who knew?  This is a love story, lines of love: crazy love, nervous love, public love, mother love, writing about love to remember love. And it’s funny.

Bosworth’s character, David, spends chapter after chapter ogling Samantha while becoming more and more powerless in her presence. He covets her gun panties, delights in her classy sipping of shots, tells her about his period in a baby voice, and promenades with her as a monster.

Every so often, Bosworth goes nuts and his text goes wild, ignoring all manners of punctuation and discipline. Presumably this echoes David’s frenzied love metabolism, the two tend to move from place to place with the attention spans of antelopes, losing clothing and switching bars around town.

Sometimes things get strange. Everyone seems psychic about the m&m’s. The wall paper depicts scenarios of man-goat coupling. Dishes get broken.

It IS a strange synopsis of that crazy phase of a new relationship, where people wait to hear the “I love you” returned, where sex is not yet a given, where there are new things to discover at every turn. You can tell that Bosworth has infused his David with his own appreciation for humorous phrases: David is constantly aware of Samantha’s expressions, real and imagined. fuckshow?

Strange, strange Mel Bosworth, making his character listen to Red Sox Mix cds!  And even worse- makes him sing along.

As Per Prick Of The Spindle: “Mel Bosworth lives and breathes in Western Massachusetts, where he finds much joy in the little things. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Word Riot, elimae, Blue Print Review, The Stray Branch, and Mud Luscious, among others.”

Premalink to story: here.

Please visit his website, here.

Mel Bosworth is also a contributor at Full of Crow, where his story “We Three Are Me” appears, among others.

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