Noise Difficulty Flower, by J.D. Nelson

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Noise Difficulty Flower, produced for download by Argotist Ebooks, written by J.D. Nelson. Discussed For Full Of Crow by Elynn Alexander. 

Who knows how long I have been interested in J.D. Nelson’s work, or how I first came across it. As a prolific poet, widely published, one is bound to run into him somewhere, in the usual places. But J.D. Nelson is not the “usual”. What he does is a different kind of poetry. You are amused, challenged, entertained, and you will be transported back to whatever it was that made you love the things you loved before life made the argument for “maturity”. Nelson is playful, but twisted. That said, Nelson doesn’t shy away from serious things, he just presents them right alongside. His poetry is a liberated strange.

In 40-Watt Red Party Bulb:

I’m down in the cellar

w/ the Harvard Lizard

& the pig-faced guards

I’m wearing a pig mask

I frighten the adults

J.D. Nelson takes aim at a lot, if you do some deciphering. In what seems arbitrary and randomly coupled, we see relationships emerge that- while he might dispute this on a few counts- are intentional. Many critics of the style misunderstand the absurdist elements as gratuitous silliness, without artistic deliberation beyond gimmick. This is not true of these poems, where what is “silly” can also be sobering, the net effect of indirect references.

 I’m a fan of silly. I’m a fan of poetry that takes me on the trip, poetry that is wild and reckless. I think that J.D. Nelson is successful because he is odd but interesting, smart but artful. 

“Noise Difficulty Flower” is available as a free download, so you can check it out for yourself. Argotist has a pretty good catalog, Nelson is in good company over there.

From a review by Kyle Muntz, author of the “Voices”, Enigmatic Press: (recently reviewed here)

The language in J. D. Nelson’s “Noise Difficulty Flower” spirals outward like the petals of that aforementioned flower, but proceeds immediately to fold backwards upon itself (before leaping forward again): a psychokinetic flux, juxtaposing brilliant technique with scathing wit and a wry sense of the absurd. These “science fiction surrealities” are the stuff of fluctuating particles and erupting planets, manifest in precision bursts of language; a kind of stylistic kaleidoscope, composed of refracted images and fits of silent noise, sure to echo for days after reading.


Elynn Alexander, for Crow Reviews. 

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