Rummaging In The Attic, by Constance Stadler

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Rummaging In The Attic is a collection of poetry by Constance Stadler, produced by Differentia Press in 2010. (Read It Online Here)

Constance Stadler takes us through a mindscape, the attic housing of the seemingly disparate in context and chronology, at times rendered mute and others- in the words of Rich Follett- buoyant, ebullient. The attic holds hope in the face of gracious resignation, the poet both grieves and reaches. Stadler writes with clarity and beauty about the journey, the poet struggling to live and see the present while responding to the inner tension of motion’s way, her needs. She honors the destination -even in the hypothetical- even as she acknowledges a deep and appreciative respect for the movement itself, for process. The process is something she has faith in, we find her indulging the self in transit, and it pays off. The journey no longer resembles a linear path, it becomes something that is both elusive and close to her heart.

There are certain features of Stadler’s poetry that convey this quality of “cohesive disjunction”, such as the way she places single, seemingly benign words that through pacing and structure bring the reader to a necessary pause. She is able to impose timing, and uses this skill like a musician, adapting speed to tone.

Readers might also find that she is able to achieve certain transitions imperceptibly. We don’t necessarily know what she has done until she has done it, and there it hangs in your head. What we find in the attic is vivid and incomplete, alive with pursuit, ‘reaching’.

Stadler is gifted, unique, elegant, raw. She is both reminiscent, and modern. Hers is an enduring talent and this collection is truly a gem of the small press.

Elynn Alexander is the producer and managing editor of Full Of Crow.

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