“Watching The Windows Sleep”, Tantra Bensko

Lynn Alexander for Full Of Crow on “Watching The Windows Sleep”, a chapbook produced by Naissance, written by Tantra Bensko.  A review by Spencer Dew appeared in decomp in January as well and you can check that out here. Find out more on Tantra Bensko at her website and at Naissance Press: Official Tantra Bensko Web Site and the Official Naissance Chapbooks Web Site.

“Whimsical ridiculous meets explorations of consciousness.” Bensko is known for her experimental poetry and fiction, work that is strange and surrealist. It seems fitting that she begins this chapbook with the poem “Non Containers”, as this is not a collection that can be easily defined, a mix of poetry and fiction that tantalizes the imagination: Continue reading

A Brief Compilation And Other Absurdist Offerings, polycarp kusch

Manila Six Pack Test DummyA Brief Compilation, by polycarp kusch. Reviewed By Lynn Alexander. polycarp kusch has an ebook collection housed at The New Absurdist, featuring an assortment of writers, misanthropes, and malcontents.

A Brief Compilation is an ebook offering at The Absurdist Monthly Review, and features collected shorts by polycarp kusch, who claims to have invented the letter D and emancipated himself as a young child to live as a hobo in New Jersey. Only polycarp knows the extent to which the miseries that befell him in those formative years took their toll on his creative processes and subsequent rise to prominence. Only polycarp knows if that Stormtrooper he stuck in his pocket that day at Bobby’s did in fact turn out to be valuable despite having been removed from it’s original packaging.

What is apparent is that poor polycarp was permanently and irreparably demented socially, such that he remains incapable to this day of performing essential tasks in public such as grocery shopping, Chinese food ordering, parking spot selection, negotiating postage. Continue reading