“This Same Small Town In Each Of Us”, by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

“She writes like a reader.”

I recently received “This Same Small Town In Each Of Us” (Embracing The Human Condition) by Wanda Morrow Clevenger published by Edgar and Lenore’s Publishing House in California. A collection of prose, memoir, and poetry, it was a needed change from many of the essays that I have been reading lately. Her characters felt familiar to me, recollections from different ages and situations brought me to places that I recognized. I connected the prose and poems to many of my own memories and reading this book brought me back to experiences that I have not thought about in years. Small things, like riding on the handlebars of a bike and skinned knees, holidays and little memories triggering larger ones. Clevenger moves from child to mother, past and present, the world of her youth and the world of today, different in obvious ways but also in the sum of many small things that we lived without back then but are an integral part of life now.

IMG_3676Clevenger has this ability to be funny and serious, descriptive without going too far, with her transitions well timed. She knows when to pull the reigns, how much information we need and she doesn’t dump words to fill pages. She writes like a reader. Continue reading

"Voices", by Kyle Muntz

“Voices” by Kyle Muntz, published by Enigmatic Ink, reviewed for Full Of Crow by Lynn Alexander.

“I held my breath, adrift beneath the surface of an immense ocean, mirroring the sky, as all creation mirrors the external, hiding, by means of reflection, its secret of the internal, the silent and true.”

“I spoke to myself with many voices, and dampened my voice on speaking. I had no concept of loneliness.

Galaxies of color accented a fluctuating, formless

kind of vision.”     (p. 96)

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