About Requests


We discuss what we feel moved to write about, and we appreciate the efforts of our contributors. 

Disclaimer on sending books: You are always welcome to send, and almost all received books are actually read. Unfortunately, we are unable to consider every review request that we receive and cannot make promises. If you would like to get in touch with one of the FOC editors about reviews, blurbs, comments, promo, etc. please feel free to do so but we are only going to review and discuss work that we really want to write about, when we feel so inclined and have the time available. It might not be on your terms. We write about small press fiction and poetry because we want to, and because we want to discuss aspects of interest to us. We don’t make claims about expertise, and we do not see our reviews as an assessment of merit. We do not “evaluate”- we explore, we give impressions. We write about what moves us, and why. 

As many of you know, indie press involvement is a labor of love and we find that reviews are more enjoyable and useful when we can spend the time the work deserves, when we can take the time to read carefully.  We will do our best to support our community as much as possible and provide what we can, when we can.

Contact: Elynn Alexander at poetry@fullofcrow.com




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