Quarterly Fiction: October 2009

Full Of Crow Fiction Quarterly: October 2009

Full of Crow Fiction Quarterly| October 2009 Contents


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Editor’s Note Lynn Alexander 1
Featured Photographer Peter Schwartz 2
Featured Author Jodi MacArthur 3
Contributors Fiction October 2009 Contributors 4
In The Honeysuckle Vine Audree Flynn 5
Eternal Souls Marc Lowe 6
Relief Without Repentance Dimitra Andreadaki 7
The Freshman Bill James 8
Group Michael Solender 9
Lost In The City Michael Solender 9
What Do Dogs Dream? Leon Jackson Davenport 10
Wisdom Brent Powers 11
The Orange Scarf Pierrino Mascarino 12
Norman Rockwell Nostalgia Caleb J. Ross 13
Tango Wayne W.H. Wolfson 14
Tomas And Jenny Luis Rivas 15
Slick’s Peace Luis Rivas 16
The Art of Hobbies Margaret Christi 17
Brothers Of The Clothless Sal Buttaci 18
Let’s Never Be Apart Digby Beaumont 19
A Confidential Light Brian Bahr 20
Wrong Place, Wrong Time,

Wrong Tree

Nathaniel Tower 21
Having His Cake Keith Rawson 22
Red-wat-shod Jason V. Brock 23
Telescope Eyes Justynn Tyme 24
Death Man, Wind,
Diverting, Lost
Jeffrey S. Callico 25
Amanda #1, #2.#3 Walter Conley 26
Playing God Ilan Herman 27
Living Dead Girl Devin Drover 28
Writing M.E. Purfield 29
Setting Up The Aquarium G. David Schwartz 30
The Bones Of Truth Erin Cole 31
The Dirty Beatnik Bradley Mason Hamlin 32
Victrola Sixty-Five Beto Palaio 33
Lost Property Roberta Lawson 34
The Martyr’s Daughter Rebecca Gaffron 35
Writer’s Workshop Along Bird Cemetery Road Gabriel Orgrease 36
Triumph Of The Self Paul Corman-Roberts 37
Look How We Live Mathias Nelson 38
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