Quarterly Fiction: July 2010

Full Of Crow Quarterly Fiction, July 2010 “Radii”
After over a year of editing the fiction section at Full Of Crow, I will be handing it over to the capable and wonderful Paul Corman-Roberts starting with the next issue, October 2010. It isn’t that I lost interest in it or lost enjoyment- I love the fiction section very much and as some of you know, this is how Crow began. In the beginning we had a poetry section and a fiction section and to this day I am excited about the submissions and the process of presenting work from different writers in this space. As Crow grows, we have to be open to change and movement and this year we have a lot of things coming up including chapbooks, readings, and small press events.

We have to be willing to ask for help when we need it and make changes when it is in the best interest of the “big picture”. This change just feels right to me, and I think Paul will bring his own experience and ideas into the mix over here and this section will be stronger because of it. Welcome, Paul. And welcome, July fiction!

July 2010

Featured Fiction, July 2010

Three Thieves and the Carpet King, 14th Street, Radio Midnight  by John Greiner

Full Of Crow Fiction July 2010:


The Wishing, by Christopher Allen

Names, by Andreas Sundgren

The Yielding, by Richard Godwin

True Superstition, by Jessica Knauss

Standing Up For Peace, by Bernard S. Jansen

The Amateur Cryptozoologist, by William Akin

Lovely Weather In Long Brooke, by C.M. Humphries

The Storyteller, by Andrew Bowen

The Five Hundred Year Old Brain, by Michael Romano

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