Quarterly Fiction: January 2011

Quarterly Fiction: January 2011


ISSN 2157-3530


Photography: Christopher Woods

(Left, “Tubas”)

Primal, by Wendy Ashlee Coleman

The Expiration of Alloy, by July Westhale

The Armors of Ummim, by AE Reiff

The Eating Of Thaddeus Little, by Kevin Winter

Eight Dead Men In The Basement, by Stephanie Bryant Anderson

Silver, by Kilian Conor

Stony Creek, by Daniel W. Davis

Two Men, by Robert John Miller

Satiety, by Cynthia K. Marshall

Voice Recognition, by Larry Strattner

Light My Fire, by Coyote Southbridge

Youth Of An Artist, by James Hinkson

My Mother Herself, by Kathy Ewing

Big Wheel, by Jeffrey McDonald

The Small Window, by Neal Holtschulte

Assisi Triptych, by Mark James Andrews

Footfall, by Meg Tuite

The Full Of Crow Fiction Quarterly section is edited by Paul Corman-Roberts and is a part of Full Of Crow and Full Of Crow Press and Distribution.

Contact: fiction@fullofcrow.com

The next issue will be available in April, 2011. Thank you for your support.

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