Quarterly Fiction: July 2011

Full Of Crow Quarterly Fiction: July 2011


ISSN 2157-3530


Tyke, by Iris Appelquist

Rainier, by Barry Basden

Deer Camp, by Kim Suhr

Megan From The Men’s Group,  by David Meuel

Cyclops, by HK Rainey

One Last Gift, by Tom Stevens

Flick, by Megan Willoughby

The Last Carol, by Kip Hanson

Bridge Of Fireflies, by Barbara Hall

A Broken Clothesline, by John S. Fields

Lil’ Smokey, by Tres Crow

needle needle, by Edward Wells II

Tracks of Time, by edward j. rathke

Necessary, by Kim Suhr

Full Of Crow Fiction is edited by Paul Corman-Roberts, produced by Lynn Alexander. Quarterly issues appear online in July, October, January, and April. To view our main page with other publications, please visit www.fullofcrow.com. We are also on facebook and maintain a blog with events, projects, and calls for submissions here.


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