Quarterly Fiction: July 2016

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Full Of Crow Quarterly Fiction, July 2016


ISSN: 2157-3530

Los Angeles , Elynn Alexander

“In Los Angeles, fiction feels just a little bit bigger.” (@elynnalexander)

Welcome to Full of Crow Quarterly Fiction– back after a break. We appreciate your patience and your support. Thank you to our fiction editor, Paul Corman-Roberts, for a great return issue.

“Fiction is like a spider’s web, attached ever so slightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners. Often the attachment is scarcely perceptible.” -Virginia Woolf

Many of these pieces feature dialogue- interactions between characters in odd scenarios, on that web. We will be linking these stories to our social media pages and blogs and invite you to share your thoughts with our authors. Thank you to our contributors.

“Dialogue” July 2016

Swing……Jan Steckel

Codependent Some More……Fernando Meisenhalter

Bleeding Man……Rusty Barnes 

How We Are Unraveling……H.B. Rubin

Ghost Of Holiday Present……Mark Antony Rossi

Diaries……Ruth Crossman

Turtles In The Classroom……G. David Schwartz

Cabin Pressure……Alina Stefanescu

That Night In Boulder City……Nathan Graziano

Jack Nicholson Was Here……Steven Gray 

You Buy The Book You Want To Read……J DeSalvo

And This Is Who We Fear…… Victor Clevenger

Ted’s Tender Trophy……Kristen Caven














Next Issue: February 2017 “Other”

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We have two facebook pages- one for Full Of Crow Press with events, readings, submissions, and more- and then a page for Full Of Crow Poetry, which mostly features poems from the archives. We also post on Twitter. The main goal is to promote the writers in our issues, as well as readings and projects and good things from other presses. Following helps us tag you when we post links to your work.

Full Of Crow is still edited by Paul Corman-Roberts and Elynn Alexander.(Lynn)

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