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Full Of Crow Fiction first appeared online back in 2009, in a monthly format. In 2010, we started to organize the fiction into quarterly issues in January, April, July, and October. Generally, a search will yield the results that you are looking for in the sections of our site.

These author archives span from January 2010 to the present, listed alphabetically by author’s last name. To see a list of contributors by quarterly issue, please see Contributors.  Each story has a contributor bio at the end, if provided at the time of publication. Please note that these archives pertain to Full Of Crow Quarterly Fiction only.

Please see the end of the index for our statement about permissions and contributor privacy.

Acevedo Jr., Jesus: Duane Reade Blowout

Agguire, Forrest: Passing

Akin, William: The Amateur Cryptozoologist

Alaoui-Fdili, Youssef:  Robin, With Her Eyes Closed, Running

Allen, Christopher: The Wishing

Anderson, Stephanie Bryant: Eight Dead Men In The Basement

Andrews, Mark James: Assisi Triptych

Appelquist, Iris: Tyke

Atwood, Kristin: Mind’s Eye

Basden, Barry: Rainier

Beckman, Paul: When Opportunity Knocks

 He Should Have Spoken Up

A Different Senior Moment

Biel, Thomas: Instantaneos

Bielikzick, Rebeca:  Rabbit

Binger, Glen: Solace In Colors

Bledsoe, C.L. : The Tooth

Bogart, Laura: Your Name Is No

Bowen, Andrew: The Storyteller

Campbell, Sam: Desolation Pub And Passion Rock

Caro, Anna: Navigations

Carter, Pete: New Addition

Christie, Nancy:  Beautiful Dreamer

Church, Missy: Snot

Claffey, James : generosity

Clark, Chloe N.: All Of Your Others

Coleman, Wendy Ashlee: Primal

Collins, Sherri: Like An Ant Farm

Conboy-Hill, Suzanne: Arthur’s Stone

Oars For Legs

The Wild Rose and The China Doll

Conor, Kilian: Silver

Cooper, Stephen: He Remembered

Craig, John: Hunger

Crisman, Robert: A Dream Lay In Wait, and Roanne Smiled

Crow, Tres: Lil’ Smokey

Cotrone, David: Between The Burns

Davenport, Leon Jackson: Westbound

Davis, Daniel W.: Stony Creek

David, Lachlan: Clock Watchers

Dawson, Andrew: The Magic Snail

DeLong, Aimee: Laundry Time

DiPietra, Amber: Plan C and D 

Downey, Natalie: Mouth Full Of Teeth

Drehmer, Aleathia: The Runner

Drinen, Ben: Snake



Eastwood, Robert: Poems At The Cafe’ Assisi

Ewing, Kathy: My Mother Herself

Farleigh, Kim: Find The Black Box

Harry’s Inflatable Crocodile

Fenster, Tim: Won In A Million

Field, John S.: A Broken Clothesline

Friel, Simon: Kali

Fulco,Richard:  Walt’s Yellow Shirt

Funk, Matthew: Rabid

Futhey, Jacob: The Tour

Gaber, Philip: The Bright Coming Morn

Gesner, Lewis: Tom, Todd, and Jimmy

Gill, Sean : The King Of Far Rockaway

Glasenapp, Amy: Edwina

Gray, Steven: The Condor Club

Greiner, John: Three Thieves and the Carpet King, 14th Street, Radio Midnight

Godwin, Richard: The Tempting, and The Yielding

Lunch With Bella

Desolation Years

Goller, Josh: Music In The Floor

Hall, Barbara: Bridge Of Fireflies

Hanson, Kip: The Last Carol

Heimler, Heidi: Full Circle

Henry, John H.: Franz Kafka Didn’t Write This Story

Herman, Ilan: The Confession

Hill, Jack: Skate Skate Skate Die Die Die

Hill, Verity: Gaia

Hickson,James:  Youth Of An Artist


Holtschulte,Neal:  The Small Window

Humphries, C.M.: Lovely Weather In Long Brooke

Jansen, Bernard: Standing Up For Peace

Jones, Brian Ted: Pride And Fall Of A Favorite Son

Kaye, Robert: Donation

Keating, Kevin: Box

Kelly, Ryan: The Death Of Mary Kline

Khan, Arif: A Little Girl In A Funeral Parlor

Knauss, Jessica: True Superstition

Krull, Christopher: Triple A Does Branson

LaBounty, David: Of Origami And Doubt

Lambert, J. Michael: Clipped Wings

Landfield, Joel: I SAY OH MY AND A BOO HOO

Chicharonnes, Poem About Breaking And Entering #7

Lasala, Miguel : Uncle Max 

Long, Stan: Deep Sixed

Chitzen Itza

Mack, Lily: Now And At The Hour Of Our Death

Madden, Stacey: Eggs Blackstone

Manivannan, Sharanya: The Soma Drinker Praises Himself

Mannion, Stephen: Washington And Lark

Marshall, Cynthia K.: Satiety

Massoud, Rasmenia: Sanity Scars

Mathewson, Doug: Bread Knife

Buddy From The Group Home


McBrearty, Jenean: The Boy From North Carolina

McCashin, Fiona: Girl, Girl, Boy

McDaris, Catfish: Swimming In Eternity

McDonald,Jeffrey:  Big Wheel

McKenzie, Karen: Roger’s Belly

Meisenhalter, Fernando: Miracle On Shattuck

Memi, Samantha: Famous For A Minute

A Girl In A Whirl With A Toy Of A Boy 

Mendenhall, Allen: Communitas

Milosevic, Mario: The Lost Day

Misener, Shawn: Cookie Monster’s Harem In The Sky

Meuel, David: Megan From The Men’s Group

Miller, Jeffrey: Milk Money From Mom

Miller, Robert John: Two Men

Mizrahi, Mark : Narrow Exits

Moorad, Adam: Baby

Moore, Katie: Making Lists of Life And Death

Muise Jr., Kenneth M: Two Dollar Coats

Mullen, John: The Breast Center

Mumford, Carrie:  Tiki Bar

Murphy, Christina: Itching

Nelan,Valerie: And The Horse You Rode In On

Newnham, WJP : A Hollow E’en

John: The Magnificant! (my big dog)

Orgrease, Gabriel: Directions

Osborne, Yvonne: Canary

Piech, JC: The Ceiling Face

Poyner, Ken: The Culinary Advance
           The Science Of Books

The Reason For History

The Useful Intent

Price, Erika : The Fire Is Not Genetic 

Primak, Nadya: Victory

Rachel, John: Spider Man

Rainey, HK: Cyclops

Ramirez, Brehanna : God’s Rejection

Rathke, Edward J: Tracks Of Time

Reep, Mark: Last Bell

Reiff, AE: The Armors of Ummim

The War On Neptune

Robbins, David: The Educator

Romano, Michael: The Five Hundred Year Old Brain

Rossner, Rena : Dreams Made Flesh

Roth, Catherine: A Day Without A Brain

Runge, Karen : Angels Drink Martinis

Ryan, Aidan: The Fading Dream

Sauve, Mike : S.S. Pocks

Schaekel, Timothy: The Bear Of Memories

Scheer, Wayne: Confessions Of A Peeping Tom

Schneider, Mather: Miss White’s Story

Schoonover, Kristi Peterson: Jingle Shells

Schwartz, Peter: There Is No Animal Evidence To Prove How Human We Are

Shimoyana Spencer, Penelope : Crow

Sindell, John : Beauty Interference

Smallwood, Carol : A Literary Allusion

Smith, Bud: The Broadsword

The Moon

Fuel Castle
Smith, Linda Morgan: Hidin’ In The Shuga

Preacher Bessie

Socol, Garrett: Anatomy Of A Blogger

Solender, Michael: Farewell, My Porcupine

Southbridge, Coyote: Light My Fire

Sparling, George: Killers


The Spear 

Spinazzola, J.: Hillocks And Bellies Like Thumbs

Car Trouble

Stevens, Tom: One Last Gift

Strattner, Larry: Richard Hunt, Artist, Ponders Flash Fiction

Voice Recognition

Strong, David: Three Books

Suhr, Kim: Deer Camp, Necessary

Sundgren, Andreas: Names

Tanzer, Ben: Ain’t No Reason

Taylor, Gail: Night Class USA

Taylor, Sean: How Josh Met Emily

Thornbur, Alex: Emerald

Thorpe, J.: Tommy And The Demons

Tilahun, Na’amen: Our Last Summer

Tristram, Paul: The Trench

Townsend, Tracy Scott : Surprised To Know 

Tuite, Meg: Footfall

Tuttle, Ian: Lucky 13

Van Der Have, Milla: For The Sound Of New Shoes

Vaughan, Robert: The Hazards Of Moving In With A Couple

Vinnitsky, Gina: Perfectly Preserved

Vernier, Stephanie: Tennis Lessons

C. Wait : Puddle Thing

Watson, Vallie Lynn:  That Thing You’re Hearing

Wiezorek, Jan: Chomp

Wilson, Dawn: Duck Week

Wilson, Prathiba: One Hand Ritual

Wellman, Nathan: Her Eyes Were Blue

Wells, Edward II: needle, needle

Westhale, July: The Expiration of Alloy

Willoughby, Megan: Flick

Winter, Kevin: The Eating Of Thaddeus Little

Wise, Edythe: Trolley Park

Wittenberg, Offbeatjim: A Real Milton

Whitworth, Casey: Plastic Bags Full of The Past

Wong, Nicolette: The Watchman

Woods, Christopher: Photography

xTx: Thirty Is The New Kill Myself

X, Jezebel Delilah: Conversations w/ Lil Wayne

Zabrisky, Zarina: A Compulsive Shower Taker

Zickgraf, Catherine: The Unredeemed, Streaming Through The Speaker

October 2009: Jodi MacArthur (Featured), Peter Schwartz, Audree Flynn, Marc Lowe, Dimitra Andreadaki, Bill James, Michael Solender, Leon Jackson Davenport, Brent Powers, Pierrino Mascarino, Caleb J. Ross, Wayne W.H. Wolfson, Luis Rivas, Margaret Christi, Sal Buttaci, Digby Beaumont, Brian Bahr, Nathaniel Tower, Keith Rawson, Jason V. Brock, Justynn Tyme, Jeffrey S. Callico, Ilan Herman, Devin Drover, M.E. Purfield, G. David Schwartz, Erin Cole, Bradley Mason Hamlin, Beto Palaio, Roberta Lawson, Rebecca Gaffron, Gabriel Orgrease, Paul Corman-Roberts, Mathias Nelson

July 2009: Michael Cuglietta, Jeff Lacy, Jeffrey S. Callico, Gabriel Ricard, Beto Palaio, Michael Solender, Angel Zapata

June 2009: Jason Michel, Janice Colman, Robb Todd, Stan Long, Hollie Loveless, Doug Mathewson, Arthur Chertowsky, Jaria Cecil Sowl, Steve Calamars

March, April,May 2009: These were the first issues of Full Of Crow Fiction, and we are particularly appreciative of the contributors who started this adventure with us:  Ben Nardolilli, Jack Swenson, Matthew Dexter, Sheldon Lee Compton, Mel Bosworth, Joseph Grant, Jarrid Deaton,  TR Healy, Lynn Alexander, Paul Corman-Roberts, Kristin Fouquet, Brent Powers, Jason Michel, M.E. Purfield, Doug Mathewson.

Statement On Rights And Permissions: We believe that authors have and retain the right to their creative work, and to the extent they deem reasonable- the right to control the use and reproduction of their content. We prefer to run pieces exclusively for the month of publication and we prefer unpublished work, but we are not fanatics about the control of your intellectual property. We make exceptions at our discretion, and have and will publish work that might have appeared elsewhere, although this is generally the exception and not the rule.

In doing so, we do not intend to knowingly infringe on the policies of any other press or publications. If you have concerns about a rights issue, please feel free to contact an author directly so they can inform us of desired changes, or contact Lynn Alexander, Editor and Producer of Full Of Crow Press and Distribution at We generally make changes at the specific request of our contributors, and we do not share information with other parties. If you would like to get in touch with a particular author and have not had success with attempts to do so, we would be happy to pass along a message but will not share identifying information. Thank you for understanding.

We try to keep the information for our contributors as accurate as possible, and make timely updates when requested. In the regrettable case of errors, please let us know so we can correct the information. If you have any questions about web issues, corrections, additions, or concerns-please feel free to contact Lynn Alexander at

We feel strongly that your work is your own, and while credit is nice, we don’t really ask much from you beyond the use of your words.


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