Preacher Bessie


Let me tell you, brotha Crank, I too was caught up —>in—the flesh of New Orleans. I was the best damn shake dancer on Bourbon Street. I remember those sweet, deep, temptin, hot, shivers of evil pleasure waving over my wicked flesh over and over again, but thank Gawd the lawd send a wild mule to run over me right in the middle of Bourbon Street. I saw the light after I healed up. I was wild ass, ran over by a wild ass. This is what the lawd put on my heart. NOW give me all your money.




Linda Morgan Smith is a visual artist living in New Orleans, Louisiana. She grew-up in Cottondale, Alabama and ran away to New Orleans as soon as she could drive a car. She worked on the Delta Queen paddle boat as a fortune teller and on Jackson Square selling her paintings. She writes too.


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