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Elynn Alexander: Producer and Managing Editor, Distro, Press,Quarterly Poetry, Chapbook Series, Reviews, Fashion For Collapse, MUST.

Paul Corman-Roberts: Editor, Full Of Crow Fiction, West Coast Distribution.

Michael J. Solender: Editor, On The Wing and MiCrow Flash Fiction.

Please note that Blink Ink, previously produced and distributed by Full Of Crow Press from 2010-2013, content and web ( edited by Doug Mathewson, LOC periodical/registered under Full Of Crow Press, is now produced by Doug Mathewson. As of 2016, our online content has been archived. Blink Ink Print issues prior to 2013 are also archived by Full Of Crow Press. 

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Fashion For Collapse

"an eclectic blend of apocalyptica"

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Blink Ink- 2010-2013

Printed 50 word Microfiction.

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