Opinion @ Full Of Crow
Saturday February 24th 2018

On The Wing: In Hiatus

On The Wing is currently on hiatus, until we decide to bring it back.

We all move on to different things and our interests go in different directions. The editor, Michael J. Solender, writes for The Charlotte Viewpoint and his gigs have increased pretty significantly. This is exciting for him, and we wish him luck with this direction as he is definitely the man for the job. Michael loves his city, loves culture, loves to meet people and explore the creative process. He even likes to write about food, and I love his versatility. (and food) Thing is, we do this because we enjoy it and because we can, and when we can’t we have to know when to take a break.

We are at that point with this section. I am juggling fiction and a column over at Red Fez “Strawberry Bitch”, and a million other things. I have taken on the poetry section in addition to the site and zines and chaps. Paul Corman-Roberts still edits fiction, Doug Mathewson still edits Blink Ink. Michael will still do MiCrow flash. I am also excited to have developed my collaborations with Michele McDannold at the Literary Underground and Red Fez into some other projects. We are producing chaps and zines and other creative projects for both LU and Citizens For Decent Literature. We have a bunch of radio shows going on at Literary Underground, and I do Project U Radio on Thursday evenings

We have also been planning all kinds of events and festivals, in cities all over the US. You can find out all about it on the Crow blog at www.fullofcrow.com/blog.

Thank you for the support for On The Wing. We have had some great columns and discussions, and those will stay up for the rest of the year. We will keep them online until at least 2013. -Lynn Alexander