Full of Crow Poetry, September 2009






This issue of Full of Crow spans the world with poetry from Pakistan, Australia, Ireland, America, and the Czech Republic.  Each of these 16 writers attempts to bring you home—into their worlds, both private and observed.  Each of them with a different vision.  There is exhaled art, meandering beaches, fireflies, gravity, aging parents, mythology, and the faint beatings of hearts in loss and love.  Listen carefully. —Aleathia Drehmer, Poetry Editor.






 Featured Poet September 2009, Stanley M. Noah

Sandy Benitez

Mat Gould

Michael Mc Aloran

Petra Whiteley

Felino Soriano

Sophia Pandeya

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

Joan McNerney

John Dorsey

Clay Carpenter

Alan Britt

Mather Schneider

John Grey

Kelly Matthews

Sarah Ahmad

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