Sophia Pandeya

If You Spoke Firefly
Sophia Pandeya, September 2009

If you spoke firefly
flicked a remorse code
on and off like a
leaf-tongue leaning
to the changing breeze

The fluencies implicit
in paced pentets
double pulses
separated by three

Rounds of darkness the
flashes bleating
like skipped
heartbeats as you calyxed
close to the node, the
confluence held

If you spoke firefly
came down
like pyractomena angulata
in a flickering orange rain
on the skin of darkness

A call and response threading
the domain of otherwise
invisible lovers whose
desire reaped visceral

Victuals, coiled
nuptial gifts glowing
on their bellies, harbingers
of many joysorrows bundled
like hurried bedding
as they fled
into themselves

If you spoke firefly
would I be
a lapsed
synapse lost
like a shoelace in
the singing gardens of night?












Sophia Pandeya’s work straddles many divides of politics, religion, ethnicity, geography and culture. Born in Karachi, Pakistan to Shia and Sunni parents of ethnically Indian descent, she left Pakistan in 1986 in pursuit of greater artistic freedom. After living and working for two and a half years in Thailand, she migrated to the US in 1988 eventually receiving political asylum. In 1990 she met and eventually married Raam Pandeya an Indian American journalist and practitioner of Kayakalpa, an Indian healing art which she now also practices. Sophia‘s writing and art has been published in a print anthology, Spilled Ink, published 2000 by Premiere Generation Ink and online magazines such as Monsoon and Premiere Generation Ink online. Her work can be viewed at

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