Full Of Crow Poetry, February 2013

ROPE [1] (3)   Full Of Crow Poetry, February 2013. ISSN #2157-3549. To get caught up on where we are with events, projects, submissions, and more- please follow us on our blog. (www.fullofcrow.com/blog)  We will have a big winter update over there as well as preliminary information about some of the upcoming events.   
-Lynn Alexander, FOC Poetry 

Photo : Laurie Kolp


Full Of Crow Poetry, Winter 2013, Featuring:

AJ Huffman

Alan Britt

Angela Consolo Mankiewicz

Anick Roschi

Anthony J. Langford

Chad Norman

Cody Smith

Danny Earl Simmons

Diane Webster

DM Aderibigbe

Donal Mahoney

g emil reutter

Holly Day

John Swain

Joseph M. Gant

Ken Arnold

Key MacFarlane

Lauren Davis

Les Wicks

Lewis C. Coleman

Marc Swan

Mark Mizrahi

Michael McAloran

Michael N. Thompson

Nancy Davenport

Paul Tristram

Richard Schnap

Ricky Garni

Ronojoy Sircar

Samantha Seto

Sheryl Chappell

Sy Roth

Tim Tomlinson

Trista Dominqu


Thank you to our contributors, readers, and friends. Please spread the word about these great poets and if you read something that you like, let them know! We will be posting more individual writer links on facebook, so please look for those and friend us (subscribe and follow) and “like” our page. 






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