Full Of Crow Poetry, July 2013


Full Of Crow Poetry, July 2013.

ISSN #2157-3549

 Thank you for your patience during our brief hiatus. We are back now with new summer issues of Poetry and Fiction. We also have a list of readings and events coming up so check them out on our blog and facebook. (here)

Another “robust” issue due to the break, this is an extended special issue full of new and returning poets. Enjoy!



Full Of Crow Poetry, Summer 2013, Featuring:

Danny Earl Simmons

Neil Ellman

John Sibley Williams

Andrew Hein

G Emil Reutter

Ken Poyner

Anshu Choudry

Rob Plath

Emeniano Acain Somoza, Jr.

Serena M. Wilcox

Diane Webster

Seamas Carraher

AJ Kimmerly

Christopher Hivner

Emily Treakle-Chase

Frederick Pollack

Lianuska Gutierrez

Lee Cole

Sean McPherson

Neil Fulwood

Donal Mahoney

Adreyo Sen

Frank Praeger

Jerrold Yam

J.K. Durick

Robin Wyatt Dunn

Allison Grayhurst

Marc Swan

Austin McCarron

Jonathan Brechner

Ryan Hardgrove

Margaux Denice Garcia

John Grey

Richard Schnap


Thank you to all of our contributors. We appreciate your patience during the April issue break, and    apologize for the temporary hacking of our email account. Thank you to those of you that let us know, and unfortunately it seems that many of you (especially on yahoo) were hacked as well as we had tons of wild emails and links from many of you in our system as well which of course had nothing to do with any of you. It did result in a large volume of email and while I did go back in again to check, PLEASE get in touch if you sent correspondence and did not hear back. At this time, every submission should have been responded to as of July 3, 2013.

The next issue will be in October, we are back to our regular schedule with both fiction and poetry.

JULY!  If you are on facebook, you might have seen posts for events and readings coming up in California- including the Beast lit crawl, Toxic Abatement, Red Crow, and Poetry With Legs. You can find out more on our blog. See you there!   -Lynn







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