Full Of Crow Poetry April 2014

IMG_20140421_140002Welcome to the Spring issue of Full Of Crow Poetry, and thank you to our patient contributors and supporters. This is a double, “robust” issue. I hope that you find the mix that we aim for: a range of diverse voices, both emerging and seasoned, traditional and wild, dirty and clean. Ours is a party of masks and mutterings and we are grateful for the company.  Editor’s note here.
Lynn Alexander

Full Of Crow Poetry, April 2014.
ISSN #2157-3549

Contributing Poets:

Dike Okoro

Claire Phelan

Maw Shein Win

Nicholas Karavatos

Zaina Anwar

Diane Webster

A.D. Winans

Tendai R Mwanaka

Joan Colby

Alison Ross

Marc Swan

Karen Loeb

Chris Middleman

Chris Crittenden

Ralph Monday

Danny Earl Simmons

Walter Ruhlmann

Adreyo Sen

Thomas Zimmerman

M.J. Iuppa

Kenneth Poyner

Demontray Lockhart

Christopher Mulrooney

Jason Constantine Ford

John Grey

Liam Campbell

Teo Huey Yun

Matthew Sradeja

Cristine A. Gruber

John Swain


Full Of Crow Poetry will welcome guest poetry editor Sharon Coleman for the summer issue. Please look for special guidelines for this issue, under “submissions” above.

















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