Full Of Crow: Winter 2017

Quarterly Poetry, Winter 2017  “Mirror”
ISSN #2157-3549


“What have we done to our daughters and sons? You, I, We, Me, One. What have we done?” 

Welcome to our Winter 2017 issue. We are pleased to present the poetry of these talented contributors, below. Please note that in addition to the quarterly issues, we will be featuring the content of Full Of Crow Contributors in our [spaces] section. The goal there is to highlight individual pieces and share them on social media during the time between updates. We will also be able to “revisit” work and bring it back from our extensive archives to possibly reach new eyes. [spaces] will feature archived pieces and previously published pieces. Check that out here: [spaces] 

Please also note that we will be publishing a Spring/Summer issue and some of you will be hearing about that soon- more poetry, soon to come! Stay tuned. Thank you to our contributors.

Full Of Crow Poetry Winter 2017










Poetry, Winter 2017 “Mirror”

“What have we done to our daughters and sons? You, I, We, Me, One. What have we done? 

Contributing Poets

Neil Ellman

Seth Jani

Barbara Campbell

Rose Mary Boehm

Robin Wyatt Dunn 

Marc Carver 

Sheikha A 

Thomas Zimmerman

Lindsay McLeod

G. David Schwartz 

Greg Dotoli

David Spicer 

Adam Brown 

Arthur C. Ford 

Michael Lee Johnson

J.J. Campbell

Gary Glauber

Michael N. Thompson

Nancy Davenport 

JT Williams 

Joan Colby

Dane Karnick 

Vincent Francone 

Mikel K

Bradley Mason Hamlin

Angelica Fuse 

John Sullivan

John D. Robinson

Irsa Ruci

G. Macias Gusman 

Sean Burn 

David Felix

Heath Brougher 



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