Adreyo Sen, July 2013

I Loved a Raven


Last night, I fell in love
with the indifference of a raven.
The honesty of his
indolent eyes made me
want to smile
at their cold cruelty.

I followed my lord and master awhile.
He waddled like King Henry V,
but with more dignity.
Every now and then he turned
to look at me
with the beginnings of
or dull incuriosity.


I fed him cream cheese on crackers,
caviar on 10 cent bread,
Oreos dipped
in turmeric,
Heinz frozen
on the lips of fishes,
the old nonsense
off older midwives,
my poetry.


All this he took
with grave meditation,
ignoring me all the while.
I groveled with delight
at his condescension.
I longed to put his royal
grimy with kill and loot
on my impressionable breast
nourished on Mills and Boons
and Reader’s Digest.


Dear Reader,
if still reading,
my Lord,
my saviour,
my one and only,
belched, farted and did a
and grabbed my last coveted jar of
mango pickle
and flew,
flew far away,
in the blink, tear-filled,
of my eye.


Wait, I cried,
wait, my love, my life.
He cawed sonorously
into the empty space of my head.
Foolish girl,
unseemly striplet,
with this jar of most excellent
mango pickle,
I make thee my wife.
I fainted with delight.

Since then,
I have painted myself black
and glued myself
to feathers.

The crows are now my family,
my home their nest so humble.
I am stockpiling mango pickle.
But yet,
I don’t know how to fly.
In my head he sighs,
Just try,

Just try,

And all your savings will be mine.





Adreyo Sen, based in Kolkata, hopes to become a full-time writer.  He did his undergraduate work in English and his postgraduate work in English and Sociology.  Adreyo has been published in Danse Macabre and Kritya.



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