Alex Nodopaka, 10/12

The Found Woman in a Flea Market

Nothing in his pockets.
No food in stomach.
He kisses the sleeping
woman in all the wrong places.

He found her in an antique car
with her mouth open dreaming
of better places. Silent. Her tongue
bone-dry as Nefertiti’s.

He perceives it is her dreams
that keep her alive as he watches
her life course through
her leaded-crystal bones.

She looks helpless with
hands and fingers twisted by pain.
In the back seat he watches
her essence float and spread

between her breasts. He kisses
their ivory smoothness. The taste
reminds him of his hunger.
Suddenly she exhales in a whisper,

Come into me Morpheus. He has
nowhere to go so why not into the
mythology that will unite him and
her in this godforsaken flea market.


Alex Nodopaka was speedily conceived in Kiyv, Ukraine. Cherry pit-spit, head first in Vladivostok, Russia. Briefly attended UCB during last century. He now aspires for mini-cameo appearances in IFC movies if only for the duration of a wink.

Promote. Poetry.
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