Annette Marie Hyder, 01/12

earlier, then, now


clouds thick with blueberry shadows
curled around ribbons of cream


the rain repetitively rattled the window
like someone with OCD


petals layer the walkway
a special event red carpet — for nobody but the wind

shiny things

my thoughts are birds
that will not stop flocking to you
with their perched regard

they migrate north instead of south
in this orientation
i try to shoo them
towards sunlight and warmth —
the interest of other men

but they keep finding
the prismatic shine of your ice

i want flamingos, bright and exotic,
parakeets, cardinals or bluebirds will do
instead i get magpies
with their love of things that are shiny
and all fixated on you

spoil the day

i don’t want the crispness of white against your dark skin
to intrude on every paper-sleeved truffle i am ever given
i don’t want black ribbons around presents
to slip though my fingers like strands of your hair

i hate music and movies and food and wine
i don’t want those too
all whispering of you
i don’t want anything to do with you
so why are you everywhere, in everything?
my cereal, my coffee, my drive in to work…

i don’t want you in this picture that would be so perfect
if only it weren’t for you
i cut you out of it and yet
here you are
still finding your ways to loom in absence
and spoil the day
Promote. Poetry.
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