Anthony J. Langford

Trail blazers

We believed we were watched by all
Pillars of romance
On top of the world
Fall from grace
(Far from graceful)
Fall from the sky
We drifted apart
And suddenly we died.

Lonely is the path down
No one will join you there
Failure is abandoned
Only company is despair.

They laugh because it is not them
Do not upset the way it goes (status quo)
Easier to conform and condemn.

I searched in the darkness
Only void – you had gone
We had blazed
But I reach trail’s end, alone.





Anthony J. Langford lives in Sydney Australia. He writes stories, poetry and makes video poems. His story, The Long Jetty, featured in the Verandah 25th Anniversary Edition. Some of his recent publications include Ink, Sweat & Tears, Mused, Citizens for Decent Literature, Crack the Spine and Eunoia Review. He works in television and has made short films, some of which have screened internationally. His novella, ‘Bottomless River’ is out now through Ginninderra Press. A poetry collection, Caged Without Walls, will be released in 2013.

A wide selection of his work can be found at

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