Carolyn Srygley-Moore, 7/11

You Say the Moon Woke You this Morning // for A.M.
Someone said the moon woke them   this morning or
in the center of the night         like an emergency flare
roadside       or the gash of a libyan bomb
yellow white      midst darkness.        In darkness there is
no darkness              there are gradations of light
filtered in.        It is a full moon captured by photographers
to fill the Smithsonian walls   the Louvre
we will stay up tonight           to watch its calm.
We will stay up tonight            like a family moving into
a new house a new life        a new collage
of things.   In the sewingbox I have wooden spools
& have threads entangled I have a heart of muscle & blood.
Just in case.         Open my  chest
& suture the moon there        where the anaconda twisted
& thrashed.     Open my chest & suture the moon
a transplant of light          midst darkness.
Promote. Poetry.
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