Cean Nuvo, 04/12

2:37 AM

dearly beloved

it’s 2:37 AM and I can’t sleep
I want to stomp on your head
while you lie snoring and dreaming
don’t get me wrong     I still love you

but after what you did the cells
in my body are suddenly allergic
to the cells in your body and I want
to make this right

if I could hurt your head
then I could see you
in pain          maybe cry
a little while curled up
a question mark          growing

smaller and smaller      I would feel
something similar
to when the sparrow fell from the tree
in front of us with        no legs
just wings       trembling in the leaves
and how I wanted to just       love

the fuck out of it since it was dying
slowly like no body     should
except I won’t snap your neck
to save you

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