Christopher Hivner, July 2013

The Father’s Son
He made myself
a prisoner
of that room
and its haunting music
played from
the near darkness,
he made himself
a note
from the flute
that echoed
off the walls,
he made himself
the author
of the letter
written on his palm
to the wolf
who was his father,
he made himself
the traveler
who left on a jet
every night
for another city
where the secrets
would be explained,
he made himself
a prisoner
of that belief
and the keeper
of un-used pain.
Christopher Hivner writes from a small town in Pennsylvania surrounded by books and the echoes of music. His work has recently been published in Underground Voices and Welcome to Wherever. A book of horror stories, “The Spaces Between Your Screams” was published in 2008. Information about all his writing can be found at
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