Cody Smith

Falling Stars

Orion pulsates in perfect rhythm.
Self-important, it wraps itself in the night.
And we ourselves once belonged to Orion


And fell together through a nebulous sky to lie in
Dew-damp fields and gaze up at our friends
Left behind. Their frenzied, oscillating Morse code


Solicits us back home, back through
The busy metropolitan galaxies, back
Through the gossiping atmosphere,


Past busybody satellites, around lonely,
Obese comets and waning moons. But now,
Gripped by spinning gravity, we rest beside


One another in our crater-sized bed, and we are aware
Of the glad grass itching our once burning shells
And wonder if we can still ignite—fallen as we may be.




Cody Smith is an undergraduate student studying creative writing at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. He is a sojourner educating himself one road trip at a time. His life is a collection of scenes looking out of car windows from the Appalachians to Yosemite.

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