Dan Hedges, 10/12

While we Bombast

While we ‘discuss’ the mundane,
ember flakes and x chromosomes ascend,
so as to summate into the God metaphor;
and while we bombast in the first dimension,
totem birds achieve a still point
of decisive intuition.

Ferlinghetti Grows Tomatoes

Ferlinghetti grows tomatoes
in the previous world with
semantic involvedness
and reverential ache.

The Grammar of Freedom

{Grammar will help
our existential
advancement like we’ll
be able to
stuff Orion in the
furnace room}

Cheyenne Peyote Elders

You haven’t tried it yet,
but let’s accept that
being a
Cheyenne Peyote Elder,
would be an
intense fulfilment of
communal duty.

Wild Grasses

Wild grasses are utilitarian lines,
point A to point b survivalists;
the little cluster at the top
is a mess of revelry, for having
linear actualization.

Fractal Patternation

thoughts break out along fractal patternation
to form semantic fields
that resonate
all at once to form
a mental chorus that is all
cellular buzz.
In this fever of orange nouns,
we cross-examine the haunting tense
for honest portraits of our zeitgeist. Then, we
realize that irony itself oxygenates the
greatest loopholes of our collective
mental freedom.



Dan Hedges teaches English in the Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board of Quebec.  He has also taught at Sedbergh School, and the Celtic International School.  He studied English, History, and Education and Trent University and Queen’s University.  He is the editor of the literary collective HUMANIMALZ.  His writing appears or is forthcoming in North American and International journals such as The Monarch Review, Kenning Journal, Wilderness House Literary Journal, Haggard and Halloo Publications, The Euonia Review, The Legendary, Record Magazine, The Apeiron Review, The Journal, and more than fifty others.  He has completed four poetry collections: Agrammatical Humanimalz (2011), Field Guide Aesthetics (Middle Island Press, 2012), An Inflammation of Nouns (2012), and Pores of Chaos (2012).

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