David McLean: Summer 2017

here we exist

here we exist skin over everything igneous & a thin Earth which is trees & a nostalgic dream, as if there were being in our scars & eyes an absence. Emma forever, i am made of you like the dead returning, like knives & modal fallacies. the meat is never guilty since it neither speaks with words nor reasons. it does not signify, it rests content with meaning.

here we exist this skin the thinnest, the meat means nothing & memory lives in it.



if, Emma

if, Emma, night remained & memory, & might became one selfish suicide there would still be every instant, having happened, & i would still be made of ablatives, not any sweaty resurrection the senseless shell. the flesh is the whole of us & flesh loves to bleed

we are the dust & the water, there is no forever except everywhere, at least if you look at me & make me be.



it is good

it is good when centers do not hold & everything falls apart so we see the words elsewhere under the flesh of all the palimpsest so we remember what the earliest scars meant. the asylum was waiting for ghosts to reflect their assiduous torturers, the suffering that nurtured us we never even noticed – the medicine, the murderers, the idiot that gave them all of this innocence.

yet every rib in us is bone & hopeless & nothing else matters in the slightest; our bones are made of Earth, not world; & happening is everywhere, Emma, & pointless until we are beast again & poor in world. nothing is more disgusting than words.





David McLean is from Wales but has lived in Sweden since 1987. He lives there with three dogs. In addition to various chapbooks & two novels, McLean is the author of eight full-length poetry collections. Four of these are from Oneiros Books and are called NOBODY WANTS TO TO TO HEAVEN BUT EVERYBODY WANTS TO DIE (June, 2013), THINGS THE DEAD SAY (Feb, 2014), OF DESIRE AND THE LESION THAT IS THE EGO (May, 2014) & ZARA & THE GHOST OF GERTRUDE (Oct, 2014). The eighth is OF DESIRE & THE DESERT at Black Editions Press. Two novels HENRIETTA REMEMBERS (2015) & FLESH & RESURRECTION (2015) are also at Oneiros Books.

Two recent chapbooks are also out from Black Editions Press: PASSION IS DEAD FLESH & TOO MUCH HUMAN. A ninth full length is due from Antiseptic Press & called EMMA FOREVER. More information about McLean can be found at his blogs http://mourningabortion.blogspot.com/ & http://davidcmclean.wordpress.com/.

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