Euginia Tan, 10/12


just to talk to you
ought not
to be this difficult.
i mean really;
you are but a man
primitive, messy-haired
creased at the shirt tails
biceps curling tight
stomach flat and sturdy as an ironboard
ears cocked at the ready like a spaniel
lips spouting out orders
firm yet consoling and the corners of your eyes…
lined with something
i do not yet want to know
how to define

yes you are but a man
we are but a metre or less
so how is it
that going over
to order a drink

is like crossing miles and miles of
treacherous swamp and sand dunes?
i feel like i need to be tarzan
swinging from vine to vine with crocodiles snapping at my ankles
to just get to you and hopefully survive that smile i was not expecting (but received)

call an ambulance:
i didn’t.


Euginia Tan’s debut collection of poetry, Songs About Girls, was published in 2012. She still writes, eats and sleeps. Stalk her or send her death threats at

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