George Korolog, 10/12

Endangered Species

I last saw one of them
last week painting by the
lake, just standing there,
brush in hand, stroking
the canvas, as if they
belonged outside
after all. But that was
Spring and newness still
tries, still clings during those
first weeks, but now it
is past that and the streets and
parks have been
mostly empty since them.
I hear that most of them are
now living working inside,
gone into hiding,
sitting mostly,
swelling up from
algorithmic bitmaps,
flooding days with the
madness of addiction.
Today, I left the house
in search of a public bathroom
where I could inhale the
stink of genuine shit
and stand somewhere
where smell would overwhelm
the compulsion of staring
at walls.



George Korolog generally begins his poetry readings with the self serving question, “Who is the guy in the fucking suit?”  He works in the right hemisphere side of the world with a left hemisphere brain.  He makes it work.  His work has been widely published in over fifty print and online journals such as Forge, Punchnels, Poets&Artists, Red River Review, Poetry Quarterly, Connotation Press, Naugatuck River Review, Corvus, Contemporary Haibun, The Chaffey Review, Riverbabble, Blue Fifth, Grey Sparrow Journal, Blue Lake Review and many others.  His poem, “From tending sheep to confusion on the Amtrak 10:50” was awarded second prize in the prestigious 2011 Tom Howard/John H. Reid Poetry Contest.  He was a runner up in the 2012 in the Contemporary American Poetry Prize for his poem, “Soul Stone. He is an active member of The Stanford Writers Studio and is presently compiling his first book, Raw String.

Promote. Poetry.
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