George Korolog, October 2013

Slashing/an American Coda

murder killing slaughter killer/death by neighbor death by villain/doesn’t matter who or where/

it doesn’t matter why or when/but that it’s done so we reckon/so we can count the bodies fall/

mother father cunning slayer/killing couples hired killer/hunting killer watchful tracking/

streets of blood and bedroom bashing/anonymity is public/watch them watch them daily update/

douglas clark and carol bundy/robert schulman edward spretizer/juan corona edmund kemper/

dick ramirez teddy bundy/john gacy and “pewee” gaskins/killers all just for the asking/

watch them watch them daily review/we name our killers coupling free/singly or in a randy bunch/

a violent or a sleepy death/by thud by chain by pointed stick/strangled poisoned shot or beaten/

drowned and bloodied with block ice/death afar or reservoir dog/senicides by the grocer/

by children wife and husbands/by strangers sons and daughters/by aunt or uncle foster kid/

tax preparers the gardener/by the magnificent seven/the cleveland torso murderer/servant girl annihilator/

the broomstick killer green river/warwick slasher bedroom basher/joseph christopher terry blair/

dick caputo aileen wuornos/ken bianchi angel buono/jeffery dahmer richard chase/

then leonard lake and charles ng/the breily brothers william suff/in your office under a desk/

at the movies or the health spa/at breakfast lunch or at dinner/jogging standing sitting in bed/

in airplanes on the tour bus/at the mall waiting a taxi/on a dirty beach death by whim/

by car salesmen or by locksmith/funeral homes coffee shop/at soccer matches just passing/

a silent prayer to be thankful/is decomposing in a marsh/reading writing on the trails/

on the subway in your schools/prayer meeting high school in half/and stuffed into a burlap sack/

your ticket has been punched/and they are taking you away/long island serial killer/

the doodler the grim sleeper/by your teacher tricky plumber/death by madness shot and knifed/

by blunt instrument by hanging/with a sharp ticonderoga/the marine corps trains you to love/

killing and then we bring them home/bad boys bad boys what they/gonna do when they come for you/

edward gein and dick kuklinski/david berkowitz carroll cole/ gerald and charlene gallego/

with michael and suzane carson/ gwendolyn graham cathy wood/and then the copelands ray and faye/

people magazine us weekly/tattered blood stained sweatpants/black ligatures a pen knife/

missing legs arms fingers/gutted carved split in two/three four five or more dull pieces/

a hole a cell in the attic/screaming but not being heard/in the wrong place at the wrong time/

lying in a hot marsh swelling/under the forested trees/in a gutter in a nice house/

write their stories play their songs/black theatre cable access/ keep up the good work journalist/

stringer free lance writers at large/anderson cooper three sixty/nancy grace situation room/

anchor man special reports/dateline first forty eight hours/it’s on the news and in your heart/

flash our national sport replay/flash bulletin anne is guilty/full story at ten gilmore shot/

followed by my lai massacre/reenactment on cnn/with hal Holbrook as bill calley//////////


George Korolog’s poetry, flash fiction and non-fiction have been widely published in over fifty print and online journals such as Word Riot, Forge, Punchnels Magazine, Naugatuck River Review, Blue Fifth Review, Poets and Artists Magazine, The Journal of Modern Poetry, Red River Review, Connotation Press, The Chaffey Review, Thin Air, Grey Sparrow Journal, Full of Crow  and many others.  He has twice been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He has published two books of poetry, “Collapsing Outside the Box,” was published by Aldrich Press in November 2012.  His second book, “Raw String” will be published by Finishing Line Press in September 2013.

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